Bachelor of Paramedical Science Member

Bachelor of Paramedical Science Member
Welcome to the Australian Paramedical College – Bachelor of Paramedical Science membership area.
Hello [wp_eMember_first_name], welcome to the Australian Paramedical College, which is a parent organisation of Industry Pathways (Registered Training Organisation).
We’d like to thank you for taking the time to add yourself to the student portal for your Bachelor of Paramedical Science course. This portal will allow you access to a number of resources to help you through your learning and assessments.
The Australian Paramedical College is also developing connections with various ambulance and healthcare groups around Australia to help students gain practical experience as they progress their courses.

Guidance Q&A Sessions

The following webinar was originally created to assist Cert IV students develop their understanding of what to expect in their course. We feel it may be helpful for Diploma students to take the time to watch the recording.
To watch the webinar in your own time please make sure are logged in to the student portal before viewing this page:
The webinar will give an overall view of your course, with more detail on the subject matter and give you tips on how to study effectively and how to prepare for the practical course.

Some of the topics covered will include:

  • Course Induction
  • Articulation and progression through the course
  • Course content, structure and integration
  • Completing assignments
  • CPPPAM, recording and documenting your clinical portfolio
  • Practical course advisory sessions on how to prepare for your practical course.
  • Protocols, procedures and pharmacology and how they work using chest pain as an example
  • Adult learning principles and our training philosophy


Trainer/Assessor information

[wp_eMember_first_name], the Australian Paramedical College has a team of paramedic trainers and assessors to assist you whilst progressing through your course.
As exceptional educators, with a wealth of knowledge in the pre-hospital care field, our trainers will deliver world class clinical support and guidance. They will also help prepare well in advance for the practical course.
Please email [email protected] with some general information about yourself, we’d love to hear more about you.
You have already been added to the Australian Paramedical College email list and from time to time you will receive news and interesting information related to the paramedical industry.

Paramedical practical course information

As you are aware a requirement of completing your Certificate IV in Health Care is to attend a two week practical course. Please refer to the side menu for all information relating to your practical course including what you will be required to complete prior to attending and how to confirm dates and book in.

Learning material – studying by correspondence

To get you started right away [wp_eMember_first_name], we have included additional learning material which you will find on the side menu bar to your right.

Learning material – studying online

The College is developing a new and improved online learning system to allow all students to study ad complete their assessments on computers, tablets and smartphones.
For the moment, you can go to the learning material download page and grab your own copies. They are available in PDF format; and can be read on tablets and smartphones (depending on the APPS you have installed).

Facebook Forum

To further assist you in your distance learning, we have created a Paramedical Students Forum Facebook Group.
This forum was developed with you in mind. Only Paramedical students have access to this forum and of course you will be required to have an existing Facebook account in order to add yourself to the group.
We do understand not all students will have a Facebook page and we do apologise that unless you create a personal page you cannot access this forum at this present time.
Please add yourself to the group and use it to discuss any questions you have, interact with other students and create new friendships with others who are studying paramedical courses worldwide. You’ll find a mix of people who are all at various levels of study. It’s a great place to make new friends and also help and mentor other students.
You can access this forum through clicking on the link below or copying the link into your search bar, signing into your facebook account and then clicking on ‘Join Group’.
This is only the beginning; we will continue to development the systems to create a more streamlined and interactive distance learning program for you.
Note: the facebook forum is for constructive information only, any negative information, swapping of answers or anything that would be seen as not in the best interest of all students will be removed immediately and action may be taken to remove the individual from the forum.
Join the Australian Paramedical College on facebook

Paramedical jobs

Although the college does not advertise paramedical jobs, we have created a jobs page where you can find a host of links to popular jobs boards.
Make use of this service because we fell that if you understand the jobs market and how recruitment works. Having this knowledge will give you a distinct advantage when it’s time to enter the workplace – for real!
Welcome aboard [wp_eMember_first_name], we’re thrilled that you have joined our community.