Certificate III in Non-Emergency Client Transport Member

Certificate III in Non-Emergency Client Transport Member
Hello [wp_eMember_first_name], welcome to the Australian Paramedical College, which is a parent organisation of Industry Pathways (Registered Training Organisation).
The Australian Paramedical College is also developing connections with various ambulance and healthcare groups around Australia to help students gain practical experience as they progress the course.

Trainer information

[wp_eMember_first_name], the Australian Paramedical College has a team of trainers to assist you in progressing through your course.
We’d just like to say [wp_eMember_first_name] we are here to support you with any challenges you face in your studies.

Facebook Forum

To further assist you in your distance learning, we have created a Paramedical Students Forum Facebook Group.
This forum was developed with you in mind. Only Paramedical students have access to this forum and of course you will be required to have an existing Facebook account in order to add yourself to the group.
We do understand not all students will have a Facebook page and we do apologise that unless you create a personal page you cannot access this forum at this present time.
Please add yourself to the group and use it to discuss any questions you have, interact with other students and create new friendships with others who are studying paramedical courses worldwide.
Note; the facebook forum is for constructive information only, any negative information, swapping of answers or anything that would be seen as not in the best interest of all students will be removed immediately and action may be taken to remove the individual from the forum.
You can access this forum through clicking on the link below or copying the link into your search bar, signing into your facebook account and then clicking on ‘Join Group’.
This is only the beginning; we will continue to development the systems to create a more streamlined and interactive distance learning program for you.
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Paramedical practical course information

As you are aware a requirement of completing your Certificate III in Non-Emergency Client Transport is to attend a two week practical course. Please refer to the side menu for all information relating to your practical course including what you will be required to complete prior to attending and how to confirm dates and book in.

Paramedical materials

Your first 4 units, reading materials and textbook have be posted to you and you can expect to receive them shortly.
To get you started right away [wp_eMember_first_name], we have included additional learning material which you will find on the menu on the right.

HLTAMBCR401C Deliver Basic Clinical Care

It is recommended to begin your studies you complete this unit.
This unit has a small theory requirement with the majority of the work being completed at your practical course. It outlines the requirements of your practical course and goes over important information to assist you with preparing for the face-to-face components.
The second unit we suggest you to work through [wp_eMember_first_name] is:

HLTAP401B Confirm Physical Health Status

This unit is mainly theory based; it is a pre-requisite unit to give you the underpinning knowledge of the human body, which will help you in your practical course.
We recommend you complete this unit assessment first as it allows you to have a basic foundation to build upon for further units. Once completed please post this unit back to the office so we can have this unit marked, prior to your attendance in the practical course
Remember [wp_eMember_first_name], this is adult learning and we rely on you to set the pace and be responsible for your own learning.
Welcome aboard.