Paramedic Courses: Alternative to Uni Part 1

Do you have the desire to become a paramedic but don’t know what paramedic courses you need to take? Maybe you have already looked into the training and experience that ambulance services and other emergency health providers require you to have and it all feels overwhelming.

There truly are so many paramedic courses out there that it can be rather confusing to know what your best option is. There is a growing push these days to encourage enrollment in university paramedic courses, since bachelor degree-level education is becoming more and more a requirement.

But, does that mean that you NEED to enroll in that paramedic degree right away? Is that really your best choice among the plethora of paramedic courses out there? I would be to differ, and here is why.

Paramedical Training Courses: It’s All About Money

When you stop and think about it – how do you like the idea of a $50 – 60,000+ university debt hanging over your shoulder after finishing your bachelor degree in paramedic science? Is that the best investment you can make with your hard earned time and money? Do university paramedic courses give you the bang for your buck that they proudly tout?

Now it is true that bachelor degrees are the way forward in the highly competitive and respected paramedic profession. There is however, an alternative route that is much more affordable.

Affordable Paramedical Qualifications with the Australian Paramedical College

Take the paramedic courses at the Australian Paramedical College as a prime example. For around $10,000 you can complete your Certificate IV in Health Care and a Diploma of Paramedical Science. A far cry short of what you are set to spend on other university paramedic courses.

Both of the HLT41115-Certificate IV in Health Care and HLT51015-Diploma of Paramedical Science courses mentioned are required learning for most paramedical positions. You will learn all you need to know for basic and advanced life support skills (airway, cardiac, drugs) needed to work in pre-hospital emergency care. You will then be eligible for recognition of prior learning credits should you decided to complete a bachelor degree in Paramedic Science.

The truth is that it is more than just a mere financial decision when it comes to choosing between the paramedic courses on offer. You can also discover why paramedic experience is something everyone needs to consider by reading “The Common Sense Alternative to Uni Paramedic Courses: Part 2“.

Alternatively, you can speak to a paramedic courses advisor today by calling (07) 5520 2522.


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