Paramedical course testimonials

What our students are saying

“thank you for the endless support and encouragement”

” such an amazing week [at clinical workshop 2]”

Thank you again for such an amazing week and for such great content. I absolutely loved the past week and I am actually a bit sad there is not a workshop 3 :). Thanks for also being so real and down-to-earth! And thank you for the endless support and encouragement. You guys are incredible.


“Thanks very much to you all at APC”

“Encouragement, support and pure dedication”
Thanks very much to you all at APC!

What a relief, I honestly thought I wasn’t going to finish as I was absolutely ready to give up. It took me way longer than expected, but APC got me through. I would like to especially thank Amanda and Lucy for their ongoing support and patience throughout my studies, you guys are rock stars and deserve a medal!

To the trainers, the amount of knowledge and valuable hands on experience you have and continue to pass on to students is inspiring. To all the support staff, without your encouragement, support and pure dedication, making sure students get through their studies is amazing!

I feel so proud to have finally finished and honestly cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for you all at APC.

Keep up the great work!

Kind regards,


“Who knew someone could make ECG’s fun”

“I don’t think they could of picked a better trainer team”

I would also like to commend all the staff on being such a supportive and knowledgeable team. Individually they held the attention of the group even through the toughest lectures. Who knew someone could make ECG’s fun? I don’t think they could of picked a better trainer team! I commend the student success team too. I appreciated the support while there. Thank you.


“I appreciate APC”

“I hold this institution in the highest regard”

I appreciate APC and what they offered me. I hold this institution in the highest regard.


“The best trainers”

“A great support team and awesome facilities”

Two years ago I thought, I’m not smart enough, I’m too old, I won’t be able to do it. I just got a job as a Medic with Cert IV. So think positive because you can do this. APC have a great curriculum, the best trainers, a great support team and awesome facilities.
I highly recommend it.


Career Development Plan - 2 female students - Become a Paramedic

“I’d like to say a thank you”

“It has made sense after I had spoken with you”

I’d like to say a thank you to the trainer that I had a phone appointment with about my HLTINF001 (Infection control unit). It has made sense after I had spoken with you and felt relief that I could soldier onto the next unit – thanks.


“I got the job”

“Thank you to all of the trainers”

I did it. Goal achieved. this morning I had an interview for a casual PTO position. Just after lunch I received the call I’ve dreamed about. I got the job. Thank you to all of the trainers for pushing me to be the best me I can be. Now to do workshop 2 and finish the Diploma for the next goal ATA (Ambulance Transport Attendant). Not bad at 50 🙂


“It has built a solid foundation”

“Thank you for your help, especially at the beginning.”

“It is going to be quite the adventure and I’m going in with a lifetime of learnt lessons, I don’t think I would have been able to do it, no way without the Diploma. It has built a solid foundation.

Thank you for your help, especially at the beginning”.



“It is never too late to find your dream job and go for it”

“The diploma really set me up well for the degree”

“I started my journey to become a paramedic 5 years ago with APC, whilst working full-time to make sure I wanted to change careers. The course material was really comprehensive and I had great support from the educators and admin. The prac (clinical workshops) weeks really pulled everything together and the trainers were very experienced and knowledgeable.

The diploma really set me up well for the degree. I graduated from QUT Dec 2019 with distinction. For me, studying with APC helped me decide this is what I wanted as a new career, and helped me believe in myself that I could return to study in my 40’s.

I have just started as a Registered Paramedic with NSW Ambulance at 47 years old. and I’m not the oldest in my cohort. It is never too late to find your dream job and go for it.”


“Fantastic learning experience – guaranteed!”

If you are looking for a fantastic educational experience, with highly knowledgeable trainers and wonderful support staff, then APC is the place for you!
I highly recommend their Diploma in Paramedical Science. The course content, assessments, and trainer help/feedback are second to none. Fantastic learning experience guaranteed.


“You’re never too old to study and learn”

I have just finished Certificate lll in Non-Emergency Patient Transport, it has been amazing.

I have discovered and learnt things about myself. I thoroughly enjoyed my journey and discovered you’re never too old to study and learn.

There were times I was definitely challenged but pushed on and through it.

I highly, highly recommend Australian Paramedical College, everyone I spoke to over the 12 months was extremely helpful and are there to help you get through successfully.

The 3 day workshop that I attended was fun and informative, I learnt so much in a comfortable, friendly environment. Jens made you feel comfortable, making learning interesting and fun.
I want to say “thank you” to everyone at the college who I have interacted with and especially Jessica who went above and’re amazing…Thank you Australian Paramedical College for an amazing experience.


“The trainers in the workshops are amazing…5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

If you are considering joining the APC family, I definitely recommend it. The support team is always there for you, the trainers in the workshops are amazing! And show that they really care.

I’m two thirds through my diploma, and I feel like I’m learning so much, the way they design the online learning is really simple and great to study on your own time. And once you get to workshop you get to put it all together! 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


“Extremely helpful and supportive “

I’ve just finished Cert IV today and have to highly recommend Australian paramedic college to anyone who wishes to study to become a paramedic.

The trainers are the types of people who you want to learn from. They are seriously great at their jobs and even better at supporting future paramedics; and to prepare them for entering the industry. For being two stressful weeks with many health and personal problems that made me distracted with constant worry it was comforting knowing that the trainers are very aware and understand that there is factors in your life that is hard and they are there to support you in whatever that case is. Huge shout out to Tom,Sam and Kallai for sharing your experiences in the field and giving personal advice on what you should do as a paramedic and secondly for being extremely helpful and supportive through my health problem.

Anyone else who enters the course are extremely lucky to have these trainers as they want students to pass and to pass knowing the best way to treat all sorts of patients. Thank you to all staff at Australian paramedic college for making my experience worthwhile and for being the type of person student want to speak to. Hope to continue studying with APC



“I couldn’t be happier with the college”

“I could not have imagined a more supportive team”

“I have learned more than I had ever hoped through the high level teaching”

“Incredible scenarios, practicing using real equipment”

“Without your guidance support and encouragement I wouldn’t have made it this far!”

“The trainers were amazing- all of them”

“Everyone I’ve dealt with at APC has been exceptional”

“I can’t wait for workshop 2”

Just returned home after an amazing workshop 1 week. Kristy and Jens are terrific trainers who have a great ability to push you outside your comfort zone yet build your confidence up in the process. I can’t wait for workshop 2.

“MY GOD…I am loving this course❤”

“Feeling so good right now!!! Smashed my first two units (4 assignments) in 5-6 weeks and about to start my 3rd. I’ve NEVER and I mean NEVER been one for study but OH MY GOD I am loving this course❤.”/p>

I’m so proud of myself”.


“I’m now off to university thanks to APC”

Such a big thank you to everyone at APC. Not only for the skills and knowledge but for also instilling in me a sense of belief. When I first thought of studying again I was 44 and had a lot of doubts if I could do this, thoughts and fears of being to old to change careers etc.
I know there’s still a long way to go and a paramedic job is far from promised, however I’m now off to university thanks to APC.


How many credits does a Diploma of Paramedical Science get you?



“Couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of people”

I would highly recommend APC to anyone who wants the start working in the pre hospital setting, I just completed my certificate IV and used it to gain entry to study a Bachelor degree of Paramedical Science. During my study I completed some clinical placements which resulted in me gaining a job as a medic which means I can gain experience whilst studying my degree.

With the training the trainers were great and assisted when requested, the practical sessions on the Gold Coast would be one of the best things I’ve done. Was great to put our training into practice and learn face to face with the amazing staff. The other students studying the course are always willing to help where and when they can on the student Facebook forum, on the practical sessions we got along great and helped each other along the way.

Couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of people (both the staff and students)! I had my first resus the other week and was one of the only people there who was confident and remained calm during the process I believe that came down to my training I received with APC, a massive thank you to the staff and again I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to see if it is what they want to do before committing to uni or anyone who wants to work in the private sector!


“I could not have imagined a more supportive team”

I am studying the Diploma with APC and I could not have imagined a more supportive team even if I had tried.

The workshops are so in-depth and hands on. Nothing is rushed through and there is no such thing as a stupid question is this environment. The trainers are more than willing to help you to reach the finish line. At the beginning of doing my 2 workshops (2 weeks) back-to-back I was a nervous wreck thinking that I am not cut out for this and by the end of it, my faith was restored and that is because of the trainers that I had; Kristy, Jens and Tom.

I honestly cannot thank you three and APC staff enough for the endless amounts of support, guidance and encouragement that you show to not only me, but other students as well. Thank you APC!


“I now feel more confident”

I am studying the Diploma with APC. And it has been a great learning experience, for someone who was hesitant and didn’t feel I would be able to cope or understand the terminology, I now feel more confident and believe that I can now move forward onto the Bachelor having now had an insight to advanced first aid.


“A great experience”

Australian Paramedical College was a great experience and the team are very knowledgeable and experienced paramedics. I would recommend APC to fellow students.

“It was a real positive for me”

Their ability to adjust to various educational backgrounds of students’ was a real positive for me, in additional to their ability to impart knowledge and real life-experiences which added to the realism of the scenarios – well done!


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Career Development Plan - 2 female students - Become a Paramedic

“the best thing I’ve done”

After a few months of starting my diploma I lost all motivation – ready to give up and move on with my life as some pretty devastating things had taken place.

But I remembered what being a paramedic means to me. I remembered why I started this course in the first place and thinking about how good it’s going to be when I’m helping people who can’t help themselves.

I was pretty far behind on my studies but I’m happy to say I have gained all motivation back and am now 2 months ahead of where I should be!! For me personally that’s the best I’ve done.

So if you ever feel like you can’t do this, just remember why you started in the first place.

It really does help !

I believe in you all!



“If I can do it…anyone can”

Don’t usually post anything, but firstly I would like to thank APC and the lecturers for all the assistance and help through this process. I completed my Diploma nearly 12 months ago now, which took me approx 18 months,(mature age student I might add), in this time since completion I have secured a Emergency Services Officer (PT) role in the mines and have started with Ambulance Victoria as an Ambulance community Officer (ACO) and just about to enroll in Uni to complete my degree. So once again thank you APC for helping me achieve my goals, the way I see it is if ‘I’ can do it anyone can.


“Coming to the aid of a work colleague – definitely has me sold”

If I wasn’t already convinced doing this course was a good idea, coming to the aid of a work colleague who had multiple seizures at work today definitely has me sold. Just shows how important first aid and medical knowledge is and how it can be needed at anytime!


“Thanks to all the teachers and the college”

Just want to say a huge thanks to all the teachers and the college I’m coming towards the end of my cert 4 and yesterday I signed my letter of employment with a private hospital to start training as an AIN.



“I have learned more then I had ever hoped through the high level teaching”

Today I completed my diploma of paramedical science with APC. A journey I began during a tough time in my life, but with the support of the college was able to persevere. I couldn’t be happier with the college, trainers and all those behind the scene, making sure us students get as much out of the course as possible and cater to all levels of experience. A special thank you to Jackie and Sofie in the support team for all your help along the way and to my trainer Kristy, without your guidance support and encouragement I wouldn’t have made it this far!
Not to mention the great networks and friends I have made along the way the level of experience of the trainers and ability to teach is what sets you apart. I have learnt more then I had ever hoped through the high level teaching, incredible scenarios, practice using real equipment and placement. So thank you!!



“The trainers were amazing- all of them”

I wanted to say that I loved the course. The trainers were amazing- all of them brought something unique to the table and I didn’t really want my prac week to end because it was so great learning from their different experiences. All through this course, from the moment I called to make an enquiry about what the course involved, to setting up payment plans and then the actual course itself, it felt like every staff member wants you to succeed and I genuinely felt like I had value as a student. So in a nut shell, it’s a massive thank from me to you guys for being so awesome. I have been telling anyone who might be the slightest bit interested to do the diploma through APC.



“Today we graduated from our London Ambulance inductions”

Myself and Ethan completed our Diploma’s with APC. Today we graduated from our London Ambulance inductions and we start on the road as Paramedics. Thank you APC for all your support and wishing all students the best of luck with their studies!



“Thank you very much”

APC… Thank you very much for helping me to get my dream closer. Applied directly after finishing my Diploma to Victoria Uni. And I got credits too 🙂


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Career Development Plan - 2 female students - Become a Paramedic


“So excited…finished my Diploma”

So excited…finished my Diploma of Paramedical Science in 9 months and just got an offer to study a Bachelor of Paramedical with Charles Sturt Uni!



“A fantastic learning opportunity”

Thank you for all the support from the trainers and staff. My plans for the future include possibly applying for uni next year in paramedical science or nursing, and looking for jobs within the patient transport sector, as well as supporting my local SES road crash unit. I found the Certificate IV in Health Care a fantastic learning opportunity and insight into paramedics, and think its a great steppingstone into the study.

Thank you to everyone again.

Kind regards

Cassandra Taggar


“It’s a great feeling”

After too many years of getting this Diploma done, it’s a great feeling knowing I just have to get 80 hours of placement done and that’s it. If you are ever lacking in motivation, don’t give up. Push through cause this bloke who was never good at school has gotten it done!


“Everyone I’ve dealt with at APC has been exceptional”

Thanks so much … I’ve really enjoyed this course (HLT41115 – Certificate IV in Health Care) and will continue studying Paramedics. Everyone I’ve dealt with at APC has been exceptional … thank you.



“So excited to finally have my Diploma”

Huge support from family to be able to fly to QLD 3 times for school and be away from home, kids, work to pursue the first steps to my new career!
Tamara, Sofie, Tom thank you for taking my calls and emails – all the non-stop ones in my final week! And to Helen, Sam and the other trainers past and present THANK YOU!!!!!!



“the tutors are great”

“I can totally recommend calling student support, if you have any trouble with a question, and booking in with a tutor. The tutors are great & so easy to talk to. I wish I’d done it sooner.”



“Awesome help received”

“Had a call with one of the trainers yesterday. A great source of knowledge and awesome help received. Answered all my queries. Thanks Tom”


“He’s fantastic…awesome trainer, knows his stuff”



“This practical was so great!”

Just reporting back from practical in Melbourne – it was absolutely amazing. Such a great group of people, we had so much fun and learned a lot. Practical really made us realise how to use knowledge we learned in theoretical assessments.

Helen is an amazing teacher and had so much patience showing us things over and over again. We all loved her and it was really hard to say our goodbyes yesterday. It feels like we all worked together for years! Now some from our group who weren’t even contemplating doing Diploma want to continue with their studies because this practical was so great 🙂


“Best decision I have ever made”

Hey everyone! I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to APC. I started my Diploma last year after years of not pursuing my dream job. It was the best decision I have ever made to study with this college.

I’ve been involved in emergency services for a very long time but must say I have learned so much in such a short time with APC. The skills the trainers are teaching us are incredible.

I know Uni paramedic students that are due to graduate this year and they are in awe of the skills the college are teaching (far better than most uni’s in their opinions).

By training with the college it has opened so many doors for me and not just as a paramedic. I have recently been successful in being appointed as a Medical Coordinator for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. And this is largely due to the study I have been doing with APC. So I just wanted to thank everyone at the college, from the admin staff to the trainers! Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to study with the best of the best!

Kristy Heitmann

“I finished my diploma and got a position and finishing up my final year at uni yes you can get a position out of this and with little experience.”Jacob
“My time at APC was massively enjoyable. My lecturers in Greg and Helen are spot on. I still talk with Greg on occasions even after having competed my studies with APC!”
“I have seen the quality of training and resources greatly improve over the course of my studies and we as students can definitely notice the change (I can at least) better more relevant content, resources etc.”
“I particularly like the fact that whoever you come into contact with at APC whether it be someone over the phone, lecturers or other students, it’s always positive.”
“I’m extremely happy with the level of education I have received. I feel competent in what I have learnt and I am actually lucky enough to work as a paramedic and put it into practice only 3 years after starting from scratch!”
“It’s saved me a tonne of money at uni as well, having my diploma and adv. diploma ha given me a stack of RPL of my bachelor degree.”

I’d recommend (and have done to heaps of people) APC to anyone looking to get into paramedicine, or even just wanting to expand their knowledge base.It’s clear to see that everyone at APC really wants to see students to succeed.

This is massive.

Can’t rave hard enough about you guys!!


The reason I chose to study with APC was the flexibility it gave me to complete the courses at my own pace, the highlight being the practical components that were ran by Greg and Helen, the knowledge and experience they brought to the practical sessions made them an invaluable learning tool.

Especially for my Diploma as I felt this was the most challenging course of the three I completed. Once I had completed my Cert 4 I was able to get a full time position as a PTO and various casual positions doing event medical work, all of which helped me to develop my skills as I studied for my Diploma.
Once I had gained my Diploma I was successful in obtaining a full time position as a paramedic working for a medical retrieval company, this helped me complete my Advanced Diploma due to the opportunity to be involved in complex cases.
My Advanced Diploma also gave me an excellent head start when I enrolled in my Bachelors degree with UTAS. Without a doubt the greatest accomplishment I’ve had since studying at APC was when I commenced employment as a paramedic with NSW Ambulance.

I have nothing but praise for the staff at APC as they helped me reach my goal of being a state based paramedic in 2.5 years.Michael

The course is a fantastic stepping stone, it almost takes 2 years of the full degree with many universities the mentoring; and training is excellent with small classes and one-on-one support

The private ambulance services take Diploma-qualified students where you can work and learn under a high med scope and ALS equipment


Had so much fun, it was an amazing experience and I learned so much!..

Stuart (practical assessments at the Gold Coast location)

We did have a awesome time – excellent two weeks at the practical on the Gold Coast

Just would like to thank Australian Aust Paramedical college for a fantastic 2 weeks and especially Helen de la Cruz for all her help and expertise in the course, you definitely made the learning enjoyable and relaxed. And to all the classmates thank you. Awesome bunch of people and hope we can keep in contact in one way or another.Cert IV in Health Care student

“APC helped me reach my goal of being a state based paramedic in 2.5 years”

“It’s clear to see that everyone at APC really wants to see students to succeed”

Australian Paramedical College Student Testimonials
Australian Paramedical College Student Testimonials
Australian Paramedical College Student Testimonials
Australian Paramedical College Student Testimonials
Australian Paramedical College Student Testimonials
Australian Paramedical College Student Testimonials

“Excellent. Could not have been better. It was well delivered and allowed the class to learn at all students relevant levels”

“The teacher showed good insight to individual learning needs and capacities and encouraged students at every turn”

I believe this course has prepared me well for my future in the industry. It was a very well written course compared to other organisations. Excellent. Could not have been better. It was well delivered and allowed the class to learn at all students relevant levels. It was more than I had expected. I can now take into the field knowledge that I did not have and have the confidence to use this knowledge without question.


The pre-course contact and information from my trainer was excellent, I was very impressed.The methodology of teaching was exactly what I required for my level of learning. The teacher showed good insight to individual learning needs and capacities and encouraged students at every turn.


I received the standard of certification I was looking for and I also took a great deal of confidence from the learning outcomes. This will enable me to be more comfortable and proficient when faced with situations in the workplace or for that matter at home.


The first week was exciting and new. I was nervous about using the skills I had studied previously. By the second week I had grown assured and comfortable with the knowledge I have learned. In turn I was able to apply my skills confidently.


I enjoyed your course and gained a lot out if it and will be able to deliver a much higher standard of care as a result.


Brendan has a great teaching style. He changes his style to teach each student how they need to be taught. It’s great and helps everyone get the most out of the 2 weeks.


I learned a lot in the two weeks. I was pleasantly surprised, before I came up I was starting to wonder if I was cut out for this type of job, but this reaffirmed that this is what I want to do.I have learned that I can come into a situation quite calm and communicate well with patients and my partner. I learn a lot better in a practical situation so it was a good way for me to see what I am capable of learning.


What drives you to become a paramedic?

Our newest intake of students tell us in their own words why they want to become a paramedic and the passion behind their decision to get started today.

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