Single mum of 3 chases her dream career

Need some excuse-crushing inspiration to chase those career dreams?

When Perth single mum of three, Alison Bennett signed up for the HLT41120 – Certificate IV in Health Care with APC, she had real doubts about whether she could achieve it, and those around her did too.
Against all odds, Alison has flown through her Certificate IV in Health Care this year, well ahead of schedule; and now finds herself just a few small tasks away from graduating.
As Alison said, she has been ‘smashing through it”
Initially concerned about getting the motivation to get back into study, Alison is really enjoying the entire learning experience. Balancing being a mum, with three active kids was always going to be a challenge. Alison developed her own study timetable and worked around her family in order to find time to study. Especially at night when the children went to bed, this was a great time to get stuck into study – although as Alison freely admits, it’s never always as simple as that.
We love Alison’s frankness about how she felt some days when her brain was just not working the way she wanted. If she could not understand the question, she’d put it away for a day or two, then look at it again with a fresh pair of eyes. Quite often when she does this; “the answer is staring me in the face”, as Alison says.
It’s just a matter of doing a couple of questions a day, but it’s not always possible with an active family. She made sure she absolutely had to get on with study – no matter what; and when there were a few days between studying, she would start to feel guilty about it. This was enough to get her back into the swing of studying again.
Alison admits she’s pretty organised and having the three children to look after is definitely one of the major factor in how she approaches her learning schedule.
A big part of the APC course is attending the clinical workshops. This takes place after about 10-12 months of study, where the theory learned is put into practice.
Alison really like the Clinical Workshops and she said it was great to meet other people from Perth; an some of them were already working in the industry with St John. She herself is a St John’s volunteer and helps her meet other people and broaden her circle of friends too. Becoming a medic has been a goal for Alison; and APC has given her the opportunity to learn the skills to be able to confidently apply for a medic position.
We asked Alison about her reservations and uncertainties on being able to study online. Despite some people she knows telling her she is a more hands-on type of learner, Alison made friends with other students via the APC student forum and she’s been able to bounce questions off other students – which has been really helpful. The APC student success team also provided the much-needed support to assist her through those times when she just needed that little bit of clarity.
“You just have to believe in yourself”.
“I’m loving it”, said Alison.
Discover more about how to get started, just like Alison did. Changing your life forever starts with reaching out, doing your research and gathering all the facts.
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