Can Online Learning Be Effective?

Is Online Learning Effective?

The first question you may ask yourself is “can I do this online learning on my own?”.
Online learning is effective for mature students who decide they want to change their employment circumstances and give themselves the opportunity to create a job they’d really enjoy doing – for life.

As a student of Australian Paramedical College, you’re never alone, even though you’re working through the learning materials online, there’s always someone ready to help. At the click of a mouse or loading an app on your phone, you’re transported instantly into a inter-connected learning and supportive environment. Connect with fellow students on our Facebook forum, create your own online study groups and meet in coffee shops to learn from one another. As an adult learner, you’ve already got a lot of ‘life experience’ which will give you a massive leg up in your learning journey. They way we designed the training is to allow you to learn at your own pave and take your time to understand the concepts and when you’ve grasped the idea – move on to the next topic.

This is just the beginning of an amazing journey, where you have the freedom, support and opportunity to do something really worthwhile and meaningful with your life.

If you’re thinking of a career in emergency health care and you’re still not sure, spend a couple of minutes filling out a career planner on our website. Just doing this alone, could save you hours of research. You get to tell us about yourself, your experience and where you’d like to start and more importantly – where you’d like to take your health care career.

Do you want to work as a Patient Transport Officer, work as a medic at sports events; or perhaps work in the mines as a Emergency Services Officer (ESO), become an Advanced Life Support Medic and eventually an Ambulance Paramedic?

Whatever you want to do, we can show you how to get there. Learn with the biggest and best private paramedical training college in Australia.

Start your career plan today. There’s no one at the end of it asking you to do anything more… this is all about you.