Certificate IV in Healthcare (Ambulance) Member

Certificate IV in Healthcare (Ambulance) Member
Hello [wp_eMember_first_name], welcome to the Australian Paramedical College.

Learning material and assessments

On the right hand side of this page, the links to your getting started and learning materials will be made available as you complete the units in sequence.
Just click on the link to the unit you are working in and you’ll get access to the learning materials and assessments.
[tab_item title=”Trainer/Assessor info”]
[wp_eMember_first_name], the Australian Paramedical College has a team of paramedic trainers to assist you whilst you progress through your course.
As exceptional educators with a wealth of knowledge in the pre-hospital care field, your trainers will give you support and guidance when you need it. They will also help prepare you well-in-advance for the practical course which will really test your knowledge.
The college utilises a variety of assessors who are available through the week at our Queensland head office.
You have already been added to the Australian Paramedical College email list and from time to time you may receive news and interesting information related to the paramedical field.

Paramedical practical course information

As you are aware, a requirement of completing your Certificate IV in Health Care is to attend a two week practical course in Queensland. Please refer to the menu on the right hand side of this page for more information relating to your practical course.[/tab_item]
[tab_item title=”Student Facebook group”]To further assist you in your learning, we have created a Paramedical Students Forum Facebook Group.
This group was developed with you in mind. Only APC Paramedical students have access to this forum; and of course you will be required to have an existing Facebook account in order to add yourself to the group.
We do understand not all students will have a Facebook page and we do apologise that unless you create a personal page you cannot access this forum at this present time.
Please add yourself to the group and use it to meet other students and create new friendships. You can also ask questions about your course and one of the paramedic advisors will respond as quickly as possible.
You can access this forum through clicking on the link below or copying the link into your search bar, signing into your facebook account and then clicking on ‘Join Group’.
Join the Australian Paramedical College on facebook
This is only the beginning; we are continually implementing new ways to make your training more accessible and enjoyable.[/tab_item]
Welcome aboard [wp_eMember_first_name], we’re thrilled that you have joined our community.