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Paramedic Jobs in Australia Shine in the 2011 Census

Paramedic Jobs in Australia Shine in the 2011 Census According to the latest statistics from the 2011 Census, those with paramedic jobs in Australia were among the most dedicated workers and sacrificial members of society. Key findings have shown that full-time Paramedics tended to work longer hours in 2011 than the rest of the employed population in Australia. A staggering 36 per cent of paramedics worked 49 hours or more per week compared to 26 per cent of the wider population. Those that work paramedic jobs in Australia proved that they deserve the title as Australia’s most trusted profession with 29 per cent of paramedics engaged in volunteer work in addition to their paid jobs. This is in comparison with just 19 per cent of the general population of employed Australians. Read More

The Paramedic Course That Changed My Life

The Paramedic Course That Changed My Life Like Adrian, study at your own pace and level. We have a paramedic course that is ideal for you. Discover now the secret to Adrian's success. Do what you love and earn a six-figure salary, gain respect amongst your peers and in your community. Read More

Choosing a Paramedical Institute

When you are choosing a paramedical institute, there are several things to consider. The considerations here are among the most important to students. Location of… Read More

What is a Paramedical College?

Discussion and patient condition overview A paramedical college is an institution of higher learning that provides organised training courses for paramedics. The colleges vary in… Read More