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How to Become a Paramedic/Medic in Just 12 Months: Part 2

By now you may have discovered that there is a new and revolutionary way to achieve your paramedic goals. With the Australian Paramedical College you don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of money and years in university to become a paramedic. Previously in How to Become a Paramedic in Just 12 Months: Part 1, we discussed the first 2 steps on how to become a paramedic in just 12 months. We looked at the popular Certificate IV in Healthcare Ambulance paramedic course. We also considered the paramedic work and volunteer experience that you can gain while studying with the Australian Paramedical College. Now we will be looking at step 3 and 4, in particularly the post-training and job support steps critical to becoming a paramedic in just 12 months. Read More

Paramedic Jobs: Medical Dispatch Officers

Paramedic Jobs: Medical Dispatch Officer The variety of paramedic jobs that are available today is testimony to the growing need for experienced and highly trained paramedics within the private and public health system. One of the most crucial paramedic jobs within state ambulance services are Medical Dispatch Officers. Whenever someone calls (000) to report an accident or emergency there is a team of highly trained emergency professionals responsible for charting a course of action and making the appropriate response. This team works in a command center and is composed of a number of different paramedic roles. Read More

Paramedic Courses: Alternative to Uni Part 3

Paramedic Courses: University is Not For Everyone There are gifted men and women - young and old - that simply don’t have the time or aptitude to complete a three-year university degree. Whether it is a young single-mum that needs to work her part-time job in order to provide for her family. Maybe it’s a young man fresh out of high school but is not sure that he wants to spend $50,000 and three years of his life on a career choice that he is not 100% convinced he wants to pursue. There are many people who need a flexible approach to learning and simple cant afford the straight up expense that a university degree gives them. There are others who don’t learn in a university environment (I am one of them), and to dictate to them that a three-year university degree is the only way is just wrong. Read More

Paramedic Jobs in Australia Shine in the 2011 Census

Paramedic Jobs in Australia Shine in the 2011 Census According to the latest statistics from the 2011 Census, those with paramedic jobs in Australia were among the most dedicated workers and sacrificial members of society. Key findings have shown that full-time Paramedics tended to work longer hours in 2011 than the rest of the employed population in Australia. A staggering 36 per cent of paramedics worked 49 hours or more per week compared to 26 per cent of the wider population. Those that work paramedic jobs in Australia proved that they deserve the title as Australia’s most trusted profession with 29 per cent of paramedics engaged in volunteer work in addition to their paid jobs. This is in comparison with just 19 per cent of the general population of employed Australians. Read More