What You Can Learn in a Paramedical Course

A paramedical course may include the training necessary to provide a variety of different medical services. Here, you can learn about some of the courses offered by colleges specialising in training paramedics.x

Certificate IV in Healthcare Paramedical Course

After completing the Certificate IV in Healthcare program, you should be able to provide emergency medical care, stabilise patients and transport them to the appropriate medical facility. This is the entry-level qualification required by most ambulance services in Australia.

Continuing education and advanced degrees, such as the Bachelor of Paramedic Science Degree, are quickly becoming requirements throughout the country. Depending on the college you attend, the courses may be transferable into a University like CQ University Australia where the Bachelor of Paramedic Science Degree is offered.

There are usually no prerequisites for the Certificate IV paramedical course other than a valid driver’s license. Some people complete the Certificate III course first, others do not. The choice often depends on the applicant’s career goals or plans for the future.

The Certificate IV program at Australian Paramedical College consists of 19 units. Some of the courses are the same as those required for the Certificate III program. Other things you will learn include the ability to deliver basic clinical care and emergency scene management.

Standard and advanced diplomas of paramedical science are also offered at the Australian Paramedical College. The college is a leading provider of paramedic training in Australia.

Each paramedical course being offered at the college is accredited and reviewed regularly to ensure that each student receives the proper training necessary to begin a career as a paramedic.

What is your career journey?

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