Paramedic QLD Employment and Salary Expectations

How much can you earn as a Paramedic in Queensland?

The Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) is one of the world’s largest ambulance services in the world today. That means many paramedic QLD opportunities exist to service over 4 million people in an area covering almost 1.8 million square kilometres.

Paramedic QLD estimates that 2,780 paramedics are currently employed by the QAS stationed in over 260 response centres state-wide. These simple facts indicate the growing need of paramedic QLD services and the importance of recruiting more paramedics in the coming years.

Currently, the QAS offers two categories of employment for qualified paramedics: Permanent Full-time and Casual employment. Advanced Care Paramedics and Intensive Care Paramedics are the most common positions held within the Queensland Ambulance Service. Paramedic QLD does acknowledge that there may be slight variations depending on specific situations and locations.

Paramedic QLD Permanent Full-time Employment

Paramedics that are successful in gaining employment with the QAS on a permanent full-time basis work a normal roster and are eligible to receive all the leave entitlements allotted to them as per the Award.

A normal roster for full-time paramedics with the QAS is a rotating shift system that adds up to 38 hours a week. In actuality, the rosters are 40 hours a week, with the additional 2 hours assessed as accrued time and can be amassed and taken in planned blocks. Any scheduled time off as a result of the accrued time must be taken in accordance with the QAS Scheduled Absence Policy and Procedure.

Paramedic QLD Full-time Salary

The standard paramedic QLD salary expectations are some of the best nationwide when compared to other state ambulance services. It is also commensurate with private health service companies for position of paramedic QLD wide.

The starting salary of an Advanced Care Paramedic is $55,369.86 (per year). This salary currently has schedule increases to $57,950.88 (per year) within just a few years.

Likewise, the starting salary of an Intensive Care Paramedic is $61,040.46 (per year). This salary currently has schedule increases to $64,907.18 (per year) within just a few years.

There is no telling what additional experience and qualifications can do to further increase your salary above the paramedic QLD average.

Paramedic QLD Casual Employment

Those who are employed on a casual basis with the Queensland Ambulance Service are not entitled to annual or sick leave. Alternatively, casual paramedics are paid a loading in lieu of these entitlements. As per paramedic QLD standards, casual paramedics are only entitled to pro-rata “Long Service Leave”. Casual employment is strictly paid on an hourly rate.

Paramedic QLD Casual Wage Rates

As of October 1, 2011, the following rate for an Advanced Care Paramedic begins at $28.10 (hour). This rate currently has schedule increases up to $29.32 (per year) within just a few years.

Additional Information for Paramedic QLD Employees

It is well worth noting that in addition to the base salary/wage rate, paramedic QLD employees are eligible to receive additional penalty rates and allowances. These can be accrued for working regular hours on the weekend or public holidays, in addition to shift penalties for afternoon and night shifts.

Queensland Public Sector employees are required to use the QSuper superannuation scheme. This is standard for all Paramedic Qld employees with the Queensland Ambulance Service.

In some cases those who have previously been employed with an interstate ambulance service prior to your appointment as a QAS paramedic you may be eligible for Recognition of Prior Service (RPS). Provided there is no break in service of more than 3 months. In this case, interstate ambulance services employees can maintain their leave benefits. This applies to for Long Service and Sick Leave purposes only.

What is your career journey?

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