Becoming an Event Medic

Event Medics play a pivotal role in providing medical care to members of the public at small-to-large scale events, including concerts, festivals, sporting games and more.

What is an Event Medic?

Event Medics attend an array of events, providing medical assistance to members of the public, participants and staff throughout.

Providing much more than simply first aid, Event Medics are licensed to administer a broad spectrum of medications in the field, and trained to manage a whole host of medical scenarios – from basic first aid to complex clinical interventions. They often manage medical conditions on-site, reducing the number of people that have to be transported to hospital for medical attention.

Their role helps reassure event spectators and participants just by being on-site; knowing that if necessary, there are qualified professionals on-hand to administer medical care and where needed, save lives.

What events can an Event Medic work at?

Event Medics are regularly employed to work at a range of public and private events and settings where there may be significant crowds in attendance, including:

  • Sporting events, including obstacle courses and fun runs
  • Concerts, dance and music festivals
  • Exhibitions, conferences
  • Parades
  • Agricultural Shows
  • Government initiatives
  • Commemorative services
  • Community fairs and festivals
  • Motorsports and racing
  • Horse show jumping/racing
  • Charity events
  • Filming movies and TV shows
  • School fetes, fairs and sports carnivals

Typical job duties of an Event Medic

The duties of an Event Medic will vary depending on the event that is taking place, and the number of people attending. Anything can happen and you must be prepared to treat a wide range of injuries and illnesses.

Duties you may be required to undertake could include:

  • Treating heat exhaustion or fatigue
  • Managing anaphylaxis
  • Treating and dressing blisters
  • Providing life support following cardiac arrest
  • Delivering children
  • Assessing, managing and treating major trauma
Become a qualified Event Medic

How to become an Event Medic

Australian Paramedical College (APC) can give you the foundational knowledge and practical skills you need to become an adaptable Event Medic. We offer a range of flexible, online courses to help you succeed in the emergency care industry.

To be considered for employment as an Event Medic, you’ll need to hold at least a HLT41020 – Certificate IV in Health Care. However, the HLT51020 – Diploma of Emergency Health Care could give you a competitive advantage when applying for Event Medic roles.

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Cert IV student to NRL medic

APC Diploma student Jamie is a seasoned football trainer who wanted extra skills and knowledge to assist in injury situations on and off the field.

Having that extra knowledge reassures yourself and makes you confident, so that when you do have to go into those environments for whatever reason, you know that you can do the job.”

There’s so many options out there, whether it be sport or working in the mines, or working in far-flung areas where there’s not a lot of medical support“, he shared.


Event Medic skillset and qualities

Strong interpersonal skills

Having the ability to effectively communicate, collaborate, and build trust with others

Effective decision making

Evaluating patient conditions, analysing symptoms, and determining optimal treatment strategies to ensure timely and quality care

Thrive in high-pressure environments

Deliver medical care effectively and make sound decisions while managing intense situations in busy event settings