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Making a life-changing difference for 130+ years for local communities

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Australian Medical College (APC) is proud to collaborate with Hato Hone St John to bridge Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand for the first time for our student and graduate community. 

The partnership between APC and Hato Hone St John is driven by the ultimate goal of providing better healthcare across both countries. This means making quality education, hands-on training and employment opportunities more accessible to those wanting to start a career in prehospital healthcare in Australia and New Zealand – which is exactly what our Clinical Placement Partnership helps facilitate for our students and graduates.

Saving lives across Aotearoa New Zealand

Hato Hone St John responds to 600,000 emergency calls each year

4,000+ people per week attend community programs to learn life saving skills

Transport is provided to 10,000+ people each year for 70,000+ medical appointments

About Hato Hone St John

Hato Hone St John is New Zealand’s primary ambulance service, in operation since 1885 and treating more than 460,500 individuals annually. Part of the Order of St John, Hato Hone St John are one of the 44 countries worldwide who offer first aid and training, promoting health and well-being for the better of the community

Hato Hone St John have a diverse workforce delivering the emergency ambulance service to over 90% of Aotearoa New Zealand and see full-time staff and volunteers alike throughout the motu (country). Hato Hone St John also deliver a robust Patient Transfer Service and support at many events throughout Aotearoa.

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Dual-country opportunities

Clinical Placement Partners

For the first time, APC are delighted to offer direct international Clinical Placement pathways for students to apply for. 

APC’s HLT51020 – Diploma of Emergency Health Care students have the chance to conduct their Clinical Placement with Hato Hone St John to further their clinical skillset, and vice versa for those residing within New Zealand for Australian Clinical Placement opportunities through any of APC’s Industry Partners.

Employment for Australian & New Zealand students

APC is excited to help provide a pathway for both Australian and New Zealand students who are interested in gaining employment with Hato Hone St John

APC graduates who have completed the Diploma can apply for an employment intake with Hato Hone St John. Successful applicants* become qualified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and can commence paid employment in the pre-hospital healthcare industry. To learn more about how it works, the different entry requirements as well as pathways available, click the button below.

*Must adhere to all required criteria and attend a 2-week program and local orientation held by Hato Hone St John

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