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Our Industry Partnership

Australian Paramedical College (APC) and Wagga Wagga First Aid Training forged an industry partnership in late 2023 which has gone from strength to strength since. This partnership offers students not only Clinical Placement but employment opportunities too. 

Providing event medical services across NSW, APC students have the chance to cover shifts ranging from low-to-high acuity, specialising in major events and remote area work.

A proud Indigenous business registered with the Indigenous Chamber of Commerce NSW and Supply Nation themselves, Wagga Wagga First Aid Training are helping APC to train our future healthcare professionals.

Providing a pathway for students

A range of advanced life support equipment on-hand at all times

Specialists in major events and remote area work*

*Source: Wagga Wagga First Aid Training (2023)

Employs sports trainers and healthcare professionals

About Wagga Wagga First Aid Training

Wagga Wagga First Aid Training is run and founded by Rory McKenzie. A former combat medic himself, also having worked in the NSW State Emergency Service, NSW Ambulance and St John NSW; Rory and his team are well-equipped to provide first aid training and event medical services when needed. 

With Wagga Wagga First Aid Training onboard as an industry partner, students can gain invaluable hands-on experience with Rory sharing, “I’m very excited to partner with APC, students who have already worked with us have been very supported by our experienced staff and our values align well.”

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Success from the start

Small-to-large scale events

Football, rugby, basketball, pro-wrestling – Wagga Wagga First Aid Training does it all and more to support the communities of NSW through their renowned healthcare offerings.

When enrolled as a student at APC and onboarded with Wagga Wagga First Aid Training, students can experience events in all shapes and sizes to get the most out of their Clinical Placement and prepare for life beyond graduation.


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Career pathways

Not only is Wagga Wagga First Aid Training providing Clinical Placement opportunities for APC students, there are also exclusive job opportunities available upon graduation. For students who wish to take their career to the next level, our partnership gives more students the chance to gain direct employment with Wagga Wagga First Aid Training. 

If you have a passion for making a difference within your community and are wanting to pursue a career as an Event Medic, this Industry Partnership could be the perfect opportunity for you!

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