APC Partners with Crown Melbourne

We’re excited to announce our most recent Industry Partnership with Crown Melbourne!

This collaboration is extremely exciting for Australian Paramedical College (APC) as our students are now able to complete their Clinical Placement under the direct supervision of Crown Melbourne’s qualified healthcare professionals.

During their Clinical Placement, students will have the opportunity to provide patients with pre-hospital care, emergency medical response and workplace health and safety on-site at Crown Melbourne. Students enrolled in the HLT41120 Certificate IV in Health Care or HLT51020 Diploma of Emergency Health Care (formerly known as HLT51015 Diploma of Paramedical Science) will have the chance to fulfil their required hours of Clinical Placement ranging from 40 to 160 hours. 

Declan Marley, Crown Melbourne’s Medical Services Manager, says “We are excited to work together with APC, equipping the next generation of talented and in-demand healthcare workers.”  

What does this mean for APC students?

During Clinical Placement at Crown Melbourne, APC students will experience a combination mix of low, medium, and high acuity shifts organised through a rostering system. Students can apply for their preferred dates and times, arrive on the approved day, and start their clinical work immediately for a small fee.

To further benefit students, shifts will be 10 hours in length and students will have access to the buffet on lunch breaks. Does it get any better than that?

Dr Simon Sawyer, APC’s Director of Education, was personally invited to Crown Melbourne by Declan Marley. Following this experience, Simon shared “Crown Melbourne has a very impressive set-up, one which rivals the state ambulance services. I am certain that our students will be eager to undertake their Clinical Placement and work with Crown Melbourne in the future.”

For students, this opportunity cannot come at a better time. As of early June 2023, APC has over 400 students enrolled into both the Cert IV and Diploma courses who will be looking to conduct their Clinical Placement with a relevant healthcare provider soon. With Industry Partners such as Crown Melbourne, APC can place students into their Clinical Placements immediately after completing their Clinical Workshops which typically occurs one year into a student’s studies. This allows students to dive straight into hands-on clinical work, gaining practical experience in their relevant course as soon as possible!

It’s an excellent opportunity for students to apply their theoretical knowledge and skills in a real-world setting, preparing them for their future careers in healthcare, whether wishing to become a paramedic or nurse, a medic in either the public or private sector, or even just up-skilling within the workplace.

Conah (pictured below) was one of the first APC students to undertake their Clinical Placement with Crown Melbourne telling APC, “I loved the placement and Declan and his team are fantastic to work with.” 

APC Students at Crown Melbourne

How does this benefit APC graduates?

Students who have completed their studies with APC and completed their Clinical Placement with Crown Melbourne can be provided with a step-up upon applying for employment. 

Having had experience with the company and the student showed off their clinical skillset, an APC graduate can be provided with the exclusive offer to apply for employment within the clinical sector, should openings be available. 

This opportunity is just one of the many that are on the horizon, ensuring APC is preparing students for success from day one when they start studying all the way through to graduation, and beyond. 

Keen to get involved?

If you’re not already a student but are interested in gaining real-life experience with Crown Melbourne’s exceptional team, please contact us to learn more about getting started. 

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