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We believe a quality education is the foundation for a successful career in healthcare. To help students pursue their passion and achieve their goals, we offer a range of scholarships for emergency healthcare courses.

Whether you’re a new student starting your journey in the industry or an experienced healthcare professional looking to advance your skills, we may have a scholarship that can help you achieve your goals.

Our scholarships cover tuition fees allowing students to focus on their studies and achieve their potential. 

Discover a career in Emergency Healthcare

A scholarship can offer you the chance to further your education and pursue your career goals
without barriers such as financial pressure.


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What’s the process?

APC Scholarship Recipients

Claire Stringer

Mother-of-three, Claire was another incredible St John WA volunteer who was awarded an Emergency Health Care Scholarship.

Claire has volunteered with St John WA for over seven years and works full-time at the Kalbarri Health Centre as an Administrative Assistant.

Claire was driven to apply for the APC Scholarship because she hopes to pursue a degree in paramedicine after helping her community rebuild in the wake of Cyclone Seroja.

Abbey Hay

Abbey Hay was one of six St John WA volunteers who was awarded an Emergency Health Care Scholarship to study pre-hospital health care in 2023.

She is passionate about providing the best care possible for patients, and as an APC Scholarship recipient, believed the further study would help improve her service delivery as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

“In studying the diploma, I will be provided with the opportunity to gain more in-depth understanding of the underlying pathophysiology of patient presentations, as well as pharmacology and protocols which will enable me to manage emergency situations more effectively”, Abbey shared.

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