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Seeking more work-life balance in your current job? Discover a career in pre-hospital healthcare.

Give back to yourself and others

Ever thought about a career in healthcare where you can continue doing what you love while achieving more balance in your life? Transition into a job where your current skills and experience will be your biggest asset, such as;

  • Medical and clinical knowledge
  • Patient care expertise
  • Empathy and compassion, and much more!

Take the first step towards a career change within the healthcare industry that could transform your life by upskilling with Australian Paramedical College (APC).

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Hit refresh on your future

It’s no secret some healthcare professions have had a particularly tough run these past few years, especially for those working in hospitals. 

If you’re looking for a positive change when it comes to your career, we’re here to help! Jobs in the pre-hospital healthcare sector are not only in-demand, there are plenty available that can offer you a strong earning capacity while enjoying flexibility in your work schedule.

*Sources: Labour Market Insights, APC student survey (2023).

High Job Satisfaction (4+ Stars)*

*APC Student Survey (2023)

70K+ Job Vacancies in Healthcare*

Average AUD Salary between $85K – $100K+*

How we can help you

Get qualified in your own time

APC is proud to be the leading specialist college for pre-hospital healthcare. With a strong focus on providing quality education that is predominantly delivered online, our goal is to make study manageable for our students.

Studying online with APC means you can enjoy:

  • Autonomy: More than 80% of APC students work full-time while they study*
  • Flexibility: 24/7 access to our online learning platforms 
  • Real outcomes: Many APC students are offered employment following Clinical Placement

*APC Student Survey results (2023)

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In Conversation | Ashleigh Giles

Aged Carer to Diploma Student

Ashleigh chose to study with APC instead of doing a Bachelor through university because of the convenience our course offered.

Working full-time in the aged care sector meant she truly valued the flexibility and being able to study at her own pace as an APC student.

Putting everything she’d learnt into practice when completing her Clinical Placement was a highlight for Ashleigh, not to mention “loving the state-of-the-art facilities” while attending clinical workshops as well. 

Getting started

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

If you’ve studied previously or have valuable experience under your belt from your current occupation, it’s worth finding out if you’re eligible for credit transfers.

This can make the transition into studying with us even smoother by gaining recognition for some of the hard work you’ve already put in! Get in touch with us to find out.

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Career pathways

There are various career pathways you can take once you’ve received a nationally recognised qualification with APC.

From getting qualified to become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) to exploring the pathway to paramedicine, there’s a vast range of opportunities you could discover in the healthcare industry. Whether your goal is to work in the private sector or for a state service, APC can help you get started. 

Talk to us to find out which direction will have you feeling fulfilled, and even stepping outside of your comfort zone!

University Pathways

The HLT51020 – Diploma of Emergency Health Care is an excellent starting point for aspiring paramedics and career changers too.

This pathway enables you to develop practical skillsmedical knowledge, and qualifies you for healthcare employment before pursuing university studies.

Learn more here about what’s involved in this pathway and which Australian universities accept VET Entry and have RPL available so when the time comes to apply, you can see if you’re eligible!

How to become a paramedic

In Conversation | Lou Reason

Embracing change after 30 years

Lou worked for the Defence Force when she was posted to Perth and worked for the Ambulance as a volunteer. She thoroughly enjoyed her time volunteering, and it was then she decided she didn’t want to spend another 10 years in a job she ultimately wasn’t happy in.

After doing some researching and finding APC, Lou was worried she wasn’t smart enough to study healthcare. Fast-forward and not only has she completed her Certificate III, she’s passionate about encouraging others to follow their passion too!

Hindsight’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Wish I had done it years ago“, Lou shared about her study experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

At APC we are passionate about offering education and continued learning to people of all ages!

We have plenty of people who have enrolled as mature-age students and enjoy studying at APC at a later stage in their life.

Yes, absolutely!

At APC we understand students have other important commitments such as full-time jobs that they need to focus on whilst studying too. This is why our courses are designed to be flexible, so you can study at your own pace when it suits you!

Many of our students work while studying, especially those who are looking to change careers. 

Our self-paced courses let you study online in your own time, gain practical skills with clinical workshops and get real-life, on-the-job experience with work placements to kickstart your career in emergency healthcare.

Check out our courses here:

Yes! There are many skills that healthcare workers have which closely align to those skills needed to be a medic/ paramedic.

Check out the following capabilities which can be transferred if you’re a healthcare professional looking to move into emergency healthcare.

Transferrable Skills: 

  • Medical and clinical knowledge: Having a strong foundation of healthcare practices, procedures and experience in delivering patient care; as well as anatomy and medical terminology. 
  • Patient care expertise: Demonstrating excellent bedside manners and communicating with patients clearly and professionally, even during an emergency.
  • Empathy and compassion: Showing compassion towards patients and being empathetic towards their needs when they are unwell or feeling vulnerable.
  • Medical ethics: Healthcare professionals are familiar with relevant ethical considerations and rights when it comes to patient care. These qualities are directly transferrable for medic/ paramedic roles which are very much patient-centred. 
  • Crisis intervention: Healthcare workers, similar to emergency healthcare professionals, are trained to manage different crises including the emotional and psychological needs of patients and their families. 
  • Team collaboration: Working in a team environment alongside other healthcare professionals to deliver service excellence in patience care.

Depending on which course you choose, there are different career pathways available to you once you’ve graduated.

From becoming a Patient Transport Officer to an Event Medic, or even starting your journey to becoming a Registered Paramedic, there are different job possibilities depending on your career aspirations.

Learn more about career pathways here.

To be able to work as a registered State Ambulance Paramedic, you are required to hold a relevant bachelor’s degree and be AHPRA registered.

APC is a great pathway before moving onto a university degree for a number of reasons, such as building up your practical skills, medical knowledge and career confidence!

Find out everything you need to know about progressing from completing a Diploma to applying for university here.

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