APC Partners with DEVELOP – Woodlawn Copper-Zinc Project

Published on 22nd August, 2023

Aspiring Medical Emergency Services Officers (MESOs), this one is for you! Australian Paramedical College (APC) is thrilled to announce our Clinical Placement Industry Partnership with DEVELOP – Woodlawn Copper-Zinc Project

With a mission to “utilise the power of people to produce clean metals and help decarbonise the world”, APC looks forward to providing students with continued opportunities to undertake their Clinical Placement and gain highly-requested experience within the Woodlawn Copper-Zinc Project in NSW. 

This partnership comes at no better time as we close off our annual student survey for 2023. With the results in, we’ve learned a number of students wish to pursue a career as a MESO/ESO (or similar) and this partnership presents the perfect opportunity for students to go for it! 

What does this mean for our APC students?

If you’re already working within the industry you may be aware that experience working in the mines is essential to any job application, and not something easily sourced. With an Industry Partner such as DEVELOP, students can gain this much-needed experience during their studies. 

Nathan Seidel has been a leading force for our students in Western Australia, filling in as the WA Training Lead. Alongside his role at APC, he’s a Registered Paramedic and MESO with BHP and has supervised several of our students during their Clinical Placement. We were able to chat with him about his thoughts on the partnership, sharing, “This is fantastic news, as it aligns with our mission to provide comprehensive and well-rounded education to our students. Moreover, this partnership reinforces Australian Paramedical College’s  commitment to staying current with industry trends and practices. In the ever-evolving field of healthcare, it’s essential for our students to not only grasp theoretical concepts but also adapt to the dynamic demands of the profession. We are shaping the next generation of health care professionals who are not just academically accomplished, but also industry-ready and poised to make a significant impact on the healthcare and resources sectors.”

APC students enrolled into a HLT41120 – Certificate IV in Health Care or HLT51020 – Diploma of Emergency Health Care (formerly known as Diploma of Paramedical Science) will be allowed to complete their Clinical Placement under the direct supervision of Diploma or above-qualified healthcare professionals. 

Students who choose to undertake this opportunity will have this much-needed experience under their belt, now better-preparing graduates for life beyond.

Industry Partnership between APC and DEVELOP.

The team at DEVELOP – Woodlawn Copper-Zinc Project

This partnership has been led by APC’s Marketing and Partnership Coordinator, Lucy Morgan and DEVELOP’s Safety and Training Coordinator, Darren Mills. An APC graduate himself, Darren is excited to share this opportunity with the APC community after conducting his own Clinical Placement with the company. Darren shared, “the mining industry will develop your skills and knowledge and assist in maintaining your competencies through ongoing training with our Emergency Response Team.”

Darren will be taking the students on personally for their Clinical Placement, providing more than just experience to the table. Not only will students complete the required Clinical Placement, but also offered on-site accommodation, food and drink paid for. Not to forget, they will be provided with a uniform for the duration to fit right in with the team.

Further benefits for APC students

As mentioned earlier, results from our student survey indicated a keen interest in careers such as MESOs. APC partnering with organisations as such means we’re not only able to deliver our students what they’re after, but we’re also able to gain first-hand industry updates from the DEVELOP team on how we can better equip students for life beyond graduation. Whether this is providing more in-house training through our popular “CPD sessions” and “Units Unpacked”, or more in-depth training on certain topics during Clinical Workshops, we hope to provide more personalised training to students who are wishing to undertake particular employment pathways after graduation at APC. 

The partnership between APC and DEVELOP represents another innovative way that we are striving to provide our next generation of healthcare professionals with the best possible education, experiences and opportunities for their future. 

What is your career journey?

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