What is a Medical Emergency Services Officer (MESO)?

Re-published 21st May, 2024.

A career as a Medical Emergency Services Officer (MESO), Emergency Services Officer (ESO), Emergency Response Officer or Health Services Officer is incredibly rewarding, exciting, and unlike any other. As the first responder for your worksite, you’re an integral part of the safety team, operating across industries such as maritime, power, mining, defense, aviation, construction, and more. The postition offers an immense amount of job security, operating within Australia’s largest employer: healthcare.

To understand what job description, salary earnings, and how you can become qualified, keep reading on. 

What is a Medical Emergency Services Officer (MESO)?

A MESO or ESO is typically responsible for emergency response on industrial sites, but also firefighting, rescue operations, security and training. No day is the same and you have a plethora of industries to work in across Australia, but many MESOs/ESOs work within mining emergency response services.

Becoming a MESO or ESO can be an excellent alternative to pursuing a career as a Paramedic. Although the specific responsibilities may vary, both roles share similar skill sets as emergency workers and provide an opportunity to make a difference by providing emergency medical care when it’s needed most.

What position you hold can change from company to company, not to mention your qualifications too. We were able to speak to Emergency Services Officer, Nathan Seidel on his experience in the position at Billabong Gold Mine, located in Western Australia. Billabong Gold Mine has a large medical centre, two ambulances and other response vehicles, allowing Nathan to provide important and valued insights into the industry for those who may be considering the position. 

What are the tasks of a MESO?

The tasks assigned to you as a MESO/ESO will vary from site to site, depending on your qualifications and the size of the team you work with or manage.

Tasks may include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Injury management, inclusive of paperwork, liaising with patients, physios, doctors and the human resources department. 
  • Undertaking random drug and alcohol testing. 
  • Providing medical clearances to potential employees and return-to-work employees. 
  • Administering flu vaccinations. 
  • Fever temperature checks. 
  • Responding to minor or major on-site injuries and providing medical care. 
  • Mental health assessments and recommendations. 
  • Responding to vehicle accidents. 

Emergency Services Officer Salary

If we’re talking mining, it’s no secret that Australia usually has attractive salaries. A MESO or ESO in the mines can earn from $110,000-$140,000*, with salary being dependent on experience, overtime and any additional allowances too.  
**Jora (April, 2024)

This position can sometimes have other titles, such as: 

  • Mine Site Medic 
  • Industrial Medic 
  • Underground Medic 
  • Mines Rescue Medic 
  • Emergency Response Coordinator 
  • Offshore Emergency Response Officer
  • Emergency Officer

How do I become a MESO?

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