Nursing to Paramedic Pathway

If you enjoy helping people but are looking for a change, why not explore a career in pre-hospital healthcare. 

Transfer your nursing skills

The nursing to paramedicine pathway is not uncommon and is certainly becoming more popular! The skills, qualities and experience required to have a successful career in paramedicine are also practiced as a nurse, including;

  • Clinical expertise and medical knowledge 
  • Empathy and patient care 
  • Effective communication, and much more!

If you’re looking to discover what it’s like to help patients on the other side of the clinic walls, Australian Paramedical College (APC) can help you get there.

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Broaden your healthcare horizon

If you’re a nurse and considering a change, you’re not alone! In a recent survey, 90% of registered nurses who participated indicated they are considering leaving the profession within the year, often due to burnout.*

Intrigued by the possibility of more autonomy and work-life balance? Diversify your career by discovering a new pathway within the healthcare sector!

*Source: Hospital IQ Survey (2022); APC student survey (2023).

High Job Satisfaction (4+ Stars)*

*APC Student Survey (2023)

Develop your Medical Knowledge & Skills

Various Career Pathways 

Make your experience count

Get a head start 

Find out if you’re eligible for credit transfers for any APC Courses. Depending on your qualifications and experience as a nurse, you could use Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to fast-track your study journey towards your dream job.

We value the hard work you’ve already put in and will do what we can to help formally recognise this. 

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In Conversation | Renata May

Registered Nurse to Prehospital Healthcare

Renata joined APC as she felt prehospital care was a better fit for her than the work she was doing as a nurse. While she had to find the right balance between work, study and looking after her family, she was able to achieve this with APC.

Renata even did her own homework alongside her kids – if that’s not the definition of choosing your own study schedule, we don’t know what is! 

If you want to be a paramedic, start with Australian Paramedical College“, Renata generously shared of her experience.

Paving your career pathway

Private Sector Medic

Everyone has different goals for studying emergency and non-emergency healthcare. Depending on your preference, APC can help qualify you to apply for jobs such as an Event Medic, Patient Transport Officer, Emergency Medical Technician, and many more in-demand roles in the healthcare industry!

Alternatively, you can get started with us to put you on the right track to becoming a paramedic if that’s your end goal.

University pathway to paramedicine

To become a paramedic you are required to hold a bachelor’s degree. The good news is, by completing one of our courses first you can gain real-life experience on the way to becoming a paramedic, not have the financial pressure of going to university straight away and might even be eligible for credit transfers too!

We have a dedicated team of Course Advisors who are incredibly experienced in their field and can help create a career development plan for you so you’re in the best position possible to make the right decision for your future.

Learn about University Pathways

In Conversation | Frances Fleming

Enrolled Nurse to First Responder

Frances decided to study the Diploma of Emergency Healthcare after 30+ years working as a nurse. Inspired by her son in law who is a paramedic she decided to just go for it!

Frances was keen to get out in the field and be the first person to respond to a patient instead of the end. She’s looking forward to seeing a different dimension of healthcare and enjoy a change of scenery in her new career.

It’s just amazing!” she said of her experience as an APC student.

Frequently Asked Questions

At APC we are passionate about offering education and continued learning to people of all ages!

We have plenty of people who have enrolled as mature-age students and enjoy studying at APC at a later stage in their life.

Yes, absolutely!

At APC we understand students have other important commitments such as full-time jobs that they need to focus on whilst studying too. This is why our courses are designed to be flexible, so you can study at your own pace when it suits you!

Many of our students work while studying, especially those who are looking to change careers. 

There are many skills that nurses possess which closely align to that of a medic/ paramedic. Check out the following capabilities that are common for these professions, and see which ones resonate with you!

Transferrable Skills: Nursing to paramedicine

  • Clinical expertise and medical knowledge: Having a strong foundation of healthcare practices, procedures and experience in delivering patient care; as well as anatomy and medical terminology. 
  • Empathy and patience care: Showing compassion towards patients and being empathetic towards their needs when they are unwell or feeling vulnerable.
  • Effective communication: Demonstrating excellent bedside manners and communicating with patients clearly and professionally, even during an emergency.
  • Collaboration: Working in a team environment alongside other healthcare professionals to deliver service excellence in patience care.
  • Adaptability and understanding: Have experience in supporting diverse patient populations and medical conditions ensuring the patient’s needs are always met.
  • Problem solving: It is crucial as both a nurse and medic/ paramedic to be agile and act quickly in many situations, often facing various medical challenges or patient’s requiring urgent attention. 
  • Attention to detail: Precision is of utmost importance for both nurses and paramedics. Whether it’s medical administration or patient assessment, it is crucial for both professions to focus on accuracy as a priority at all times.

Our self-paced courses let you study online in your own time, gain practical skills with clinical workshops and get real-life, on-the-job experience with work placements to kickstart your career in emergency healthcare.

Check out our courses here:

Yes! Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer (CT) are applicable for all APC courses.

If you wish to have previous experience and learning recognised as part of your enrolment, we can help you find out what you may be eligible for. Please contact us to learn more about your personal circumstances today!

APC offers flexible payment options, depending on your financial situation.

Enquire today and chat to one of our friendly Course Advisors about course fees and discover the right payment option for you.

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