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An established non-profit organisation delivering the State’s ambulance service.

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Industry leaders in partnership

St John WA has been an integral part of the Western Australian (WA) community for over 130 years’ and is one of Australian Paramedical College’s (APC) first industry partners.

Our organisation’s collaborate to help positively shape the healthcare sector in WA by actively providing placement opportunities for APC students, and scholarship opportunities for volunteers in regional communities too.

St John WA offers Clinical Placement to APC students in numerous locations ensuring they have the chance to receive real-life experience and prepare them for the workforce.

Making a real impact

Responded to 250,000+ emergency ambulance call-outs

St John WA supported 3,000+ events in 2022

Source: St John WA (2022)

Transported 100,000 patients in need

About St John WA

St John WA is a charitable and philanthropic organisation, serving as the State’s ambulance service, and affiliated with national organisation St John Ambulance Australia. Their commitment to serving the community for the last 100+ years has saved countless lives through their first aid services and training, patient transport and more.

St John WA volunteer and Diploma scholarship winner, Jodie shared, “The humility of holding a patient’s hand, empathy of listening, reassuring and acknowledging family members, assessing a scene, having the courage to ask questions and make decisions, and to work as a team is all such as a privilege”.

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Setting students up for success

Supporting regional communities

Earlier this year, APC was delighted to announce six regional St John WA volunteers had been awarded emergency health care scholarships to study pre-hospital health care.

These scholarships will provide the volunteers with a pathway to paid work in the pre-hospital care sector and a possible entry pathway to university Bachelor programs in paramedicine across Australia.

We value making study accessible for all and couldn’t be more proud to see these deserving individuals have the chance to further their careers in healthcare.

Join an in-demand industry

Did you know that in the last five years we have seen a 25.8% increase within the healthcare and social assistance industry?* That’s right, the time to get industry-qualified has never been better!

By choosing to complete your Clinical Placement with St John WA you’re giving yourself a chance to not only be part of a growing industry but also making yourself employable for the future.

St John WA employs 13,000+ people* and as a qualified healthcare professional, you could join them!

*Sources: Labour Marketing Insights (2023); St John WA Impact Report (2019-20).


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