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Are you still trying to find your purpose? Why not join the thousands of students who have started a successful career in healthcare with Australian Paramedical College.

Have a purpose that pays

If you’re feeling stuck in your current job and the idea of having a stimulating career excites you, let us help you!

Not only is the healthcare industry growing which means lots of job opportunities, it could be your chance to feel more fulfilled while working.

Whether you’re currently employed in retail, hospitality, construction or even public service, there is a place for everyone in healthcare now more than ever!

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Why choose healthcare

There are numerous benefits to entering the healthcare industry such as employment longevity, sound earning capacity, and career diversity.

Not only do healthcare workers get the chance to have a positive impact on their communities, but they are part of a growing industry which means increased job security and prosperity for its employees.

*Sources: Labour Market Insights, APC student survey (2023).

High Job Satisfaction (4+ Stars)*

*APC Student Survey (2023)

70K+ Job Vacancies in Healthcare*

Average AUD Salary between $85K – $100K+*

Study with Australian Paramedical College

What to expect as a student

We are passionate about delivering education that is high quality and convenient. Most of our students work while studying, not to mention many of them are parents and are juggling all sorts of commitments!

This is why our goal is to make the study experience manageable and enjoyable.

What does that mean?

  • Studying online so you can work at the same time
  • Having the flexibility to create a schedule that works for you
  • Access to our student success team to help support you
  • Interacting with your fellow peers at Clinical Workshops
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In Conversation | Kacey Middleton

From Volunteer to Aspiring Paramedic

As an outdoors person who loves surfing and fishing, Kacey decided to get into volunteering to help her community with St John WA. This sparked her interest in healthcare and eventually inspired her to explore studying to become a paramedic. 

Kacey decided to start her journey with APC because it was the best option for her having not studied for a while since she’d finished school. She’s gone on to successfully complete her Diploma and is now a university student following her dream!

Learn How to Become a Paramedic

How to get started

Your course options

Whether you’re looking to try something new, or your end-goal is to become a paramedic, everyone has different goals for studying emergency and non-emergency healthcare.

As you look to kickstart a career that requires getting qualified, learn more about the courses we offer, and which one might be best for you:

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We’re here to help you!

We are proud to have a dedicated team of Course Advisors who are there to help you navigate your study journey from day one!

From answering any questions you might have to explaining how study with us actually works, they will support you so you feel comfortable in making the exciting decision to start your new chapter.

University Pathways

If your ultimate goal is to become a paramedic, then studying the  HLT51020 – Diploma of Emergency Health Care first is an excellent starting point.

This pathway enables you to develop practical skillsmedical knowledge, and qualifies you for healthcare employment before pursuing university studies. The best part is – you don’t need an ATAR!

Learn more here about what’s involved in this pathway and which Australian universities accept VET Entry and have RPL available so when the time comes to apply, you can see if you’re eligible!

In Conversation | Tyler Franklin

From PT to Paramedicine

Tyler became a Personal Trainer (PT) straight out of school and while she had always considered studying paramedicine, questioned if she was smart enough to do it. It wasn’t until she discovered she could study the emergency health care with APC that she decided to give it a go!

If you are struggling or you need a bit more assistance, give them a call. They’re always there“, she shared of her APC experience.

The Diploma has given Tyler so much confidence that she is now considering doing a Paramedicine and Nursing double degree!

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s ok! Many of our students have no formal qualifications or experience in the healthcare sector when they enroll at APC.

Similarly, if you have an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR), this score does not matter either.

If you’re aiming for a career in the emergency health care sector and need a qualification under your belt, you’re in the right place! You can gain a nationally recognised qualification with APC regardless of your experience. 

If you’re interested, you can learn more about why your ATAR doesn’t matter here.

Yes, absolutely! 

At APC we understand students have other important commitments such as full-time jobs that they need to focus on whilst studying too. This is why our courses are designed to be flexible, so you can study at your own pace when it suits you!

Many of our students work while studying, especially those who are looking to change careers. 

Course duration really depends on each individual’s study load and ability to fit it into their own schedule. However, here is an estimated time frame for each APC course:

The good news is your course can be completed much faster! It really comes down to your personal goals and ability to fit study into your current schedule.

Yes! APC offers flexible payment options, depending on your financial situation.

Enquire today and chat to one of our friendly Course Advisors about course fees and discover the right payment option for you.

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