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If you already work in the mining industry, you’re in the perfect position to take your career to the next level by getting a healthcare qualification under your belt.

Transfer your mining skills

Whether you’re currently employed in the mines and looking for a change or want to upskill to give yourself even greater job opportunities, look no further. There are many skills workers acquire from their time in the mines that are a huge asset for anyone looking to become a medic or paramedic, including;

  • A focus on risk assessment and safety
  • Hands-on experience and equipment operation
  • Calm under pressure

Get qualified with Australian Paramedical College (APC) and use your existing experience to advance your career today.

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Unlock your potential

It’s widely known that the mining industry in Australia is booming, with approximately 200,000 people employed in the sector.* What isn’t necessarily common knowledge is that the healthcare sector is also thriving. It’s predicted to increase by 8.4% over the next few years alone!*

By already having invaluable experience of working in the mines, you’re in a strong position to take your career to the next level in this industry by exploring a healthcare qualification. Another option is to transfer these learned skills into another healthcare role – either way, you’re set!

*Sources: Statista, AusBiz & Labour Market Insights (2022-23); APC student survey (2023).

1.3 million Australians changed jobs in the past year*

70K+ Job Vacancies in Healthcare*

Earn 30% more than an average graduate*

Why study with us

Setting you up for success

We are passionate about creating real career outcomes for our graduates while they study.

This means we can connect you with our established industry providers who we partner with to ensure you get quality, real-life experience as part of your Clinical Placement when the time comes.

You also get to enjoy:

  • Studying online so you can work at the same time
  • Hands-on learning via Clinical Workshops
  • Employment possibilities via our Industry Partners
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In Conversation | Vickie Watts

Mining ESO Upskills

Vickie was already working in the mining sector when she enrolled in the Diploma of Emergency Health Care at APC. Her goal was to upskill because she felt she needed to know more about how the body worked in her role as an Emergency Services Officer (ESO).

I didn’t even have a lot of computer skills being a mature aged student, but I could just call APC and they’d put you straight on the right track”, she shared.

Vickie is fond of her APC experience, making the most of learning while getting further qualified to perform even better in her current job. 

Taking the first step

Choose a course

Depending on your goals, there are a few courses you can choose to study that will open different job pathways.

APC offers a blended learning model which means you can enjoy the flexibility of studying online as it suits you, no matter which course you enrol in:

Job pathways

It’s an exciting time for our graduates looking for employment, as healthcare workers are in more demand than ever. If you’re looking to become a medic and also work in the mines, then a Medical Emergency Services Officer (MESO) or Emergency Services Officer (ESO) role could be the perfect choice for you!

We recommend speaking to one of our specialised Course Advisors who can help you figure out which avenues you can take depending on your interests and skillset.

Discuss Your Career Goals

In Conversation | Justin Hayward

Aspiring ESO heading for the mines

After being appointed as First Aid Officer at his corporate job, Justin found a passion for healthcare in the pre-hospital setting.

Upon completion of his Diploma, Justin wants to go to work as a Medic in the mines and might even share his knowledge by training others in what he’s learnt at APC himself. 

“I was actually really impressed with the facilities… I didn’t know what to expect!”, Justin shared of his APC experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many skills that workers in the mines have acquired which closely align to that of a medic/ paramedic.

Check out the following capabilities that are common for these professions, and see which ones resonate with you. 

Transferrable Skills: Mining to paramedicine

  • A focus on risk assessment and safety: A commitment to safety is paramount for miners and particularly ESO/ MESO roles where it’s imperative to have strict protocols in place for both professions. Further to this, being able to assess potential risks and how to mitigate them is crucial in both working environments. 
  • Hands-on experience and equipment operation: Both mining and emergency healthcare roles are physical in nature, not to mention often working in challenging conditions. This practical experience is beneficial for anyone looking to change jobs and especially advantageous for miners who are trained in operating machinery in preparation for using emergency response equipment in their next role. 
  • Calm under pressure: The ability to remain calm in both a mining and healthcare roles is essential, therefore a skill easily transferrable across careers. 
  • Team collaboration and communication skills: Working together to achieve common goals and get the job done is a common sentiment for people in the mining industry as well as healthcare. The ability to collaborate and effectively communicate with other team members is highly regarded. 
  • Resource management: Miners are often required to manage logistics effectively, which is an essential skill for MESOs/ ESOs too when coordinating their medical supplies and equipment during emergencies.
  • Emergency evacuation experience: Being able to quickly respond in an emergency is critical for miners and healthcare roles, making it another transferrable skill across these career pathways.

At APC we take a blended learning approach.

What does this mean? You get to enjoy the flexibility of completing most of your course online, in the comfort of your home anytime that suits you!

The only in-person element is attending Clinical Workshops and completing your Clinical Placement when the time comes. Learn more about the unique experience we offer and what it means to be a student at APC here.

Yes, absolutely.

At APC we understand our students have other important commitments such as jobs, being a parent and other hobbies that they’re balancing whilst studying too.

This is why our courses are designed to be flexible, so you can study at your own pace when it suits you.

Depending on which course you choose, there are different career pathways available to you once you’ve graduated.

If you’re looking to become a medic and also work in the mines, an industrial site or perhaps involved in rescue operations then a Medical Emergency Services Officer (MESO) or Emergency Services Officer (ESO) role could be the perfect choice for you. 

Learn more about career pathways here.


APC offers flexible payment options, depending on your financial situation.

Enquire today and chat to one of our friendly Course Advisors about course fees and discover the right payment option for you.

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