How do I become an Emergency Services Officer (ESO)?

Working as an Emergency Services Officer in Australia?

So you want to become an Emergency Services Officer (ESO) in the mines, although maybe you aren’t quite sure where to start, or which qualifications are needed to be eligible to apply.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all qualification to do the job, because every mine site has different requirements regarding qualifications and experience.

The basic entry level qualifications are:

  • Certificate IV in Health Care
  • Certificate III in Mines Rescue

The industry is moving towards a preference in the Diploma of Emergency Health Care qualification as it provides more in-depth knowledge of emergency pre-hospital medical care. The diploma will equip you with the knowledge to perform patient assessments, provide advanced health care/life support and also transport services to patient who may require moving to a hospital or to a waiting aircraft.

In the video, Nathan Siedel (ex APC graduate), explains how Australian Paramedical College diploma “is very relevant to the industry”, because it helped him secure a role as and ESO at Billabong Gold Mines in Western Australia.

What is your career journey?

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