Our promise to you

Personal development

We will encourage you to bring your life experience into your training environment.

We will always help you to identify new ways to develop your knowledge and enhance your skills.


The training we deliver will prepare you for pre-hospital emergency health care work.

You will develop the in-demand industry skills and be ready to start your paramedic degree education in university and/or begin working immediately in the private sector.

Engaged learning

We will always give you plenty of learning activities to keep you engaged and interested.

How you learn is important to us. We will always strive to offer video, podcasts, live lectures and learning materials to cater for a wide range of learner styles.


We will always encourage you to ask questions and engage with your support team when you need a helping hand.

We will always help you to improve your communication skills, because this industry needs great leaders.

Skills recognition

We will always give you appropriate recognition of your existing knowledge and skills.

Training will always be flexible enough to meet your educational needs and pace of development.

Collaboration & autonomy

We will help you work well in groups and collaborate with fellow students and work colleagues.

We also encourage you to develop your own resources to help you learn in your own style.

Culture and beliefs

We will always respect your heritage and cultural values.

We acknowledge and respect your right to your own beliefs and religious viewpoint.

Gender and diversity

We respect the right of every individual to be comfortable and supported throughout the training.

Our college is progressive and unique, where diversity and self-expression is wholly supported.


We will always make it clear right from the start what is expected of you as you progress through the course.

We will help you set appropriate standards for yourself and encourage you to take responsibility.

Flexible learning

We will create a study plan to help you stay on track.

We will make your learning as flexible as possible, to fit in with your current lifestyle.

Meeting your needs

Our trainers and student success team will always explain things clearly, to help you grasp new and unfamiliar concepts.

Your education staff will always possess excellent knowledge of paramedical concepts.

Balanced training

Your training will involve a well-balanced mix of theory and practical activities.

You’ll enjoy working out in the field and gain front-line clinical experience out in the community.

Training resources

The latest training resources and equipment will always be available when you need it.

Workshop facilities, amenities and learning materials will always be up-to-date and reflect industry best-practice.

Skills validation

Your industry skills will be validated by participating in team
and one-on-one scenarios.

Scenarios will always be based on realistic activities to thoroughly prepare you for success as a respected emergency health care technician.

Ready to learn more?

Take a closer look at our courses and have a chat to one of our friendly Course Advisors to find out how APC can help you create that amazing career you’ve always dreamed of.