Our Students Reflect On Their Training

Student Reviews

Listen to our students talk about their reasons for studying and their career goals in the industry. Inspiring, uplifting and honest insights into our student’s motivations, fears and inspiration to achieve great things.


Tyler Franklin

Diploma | From PT to double degree

“I always considered paramedicine, but just never thought I really had the right study side of things, and I didn’t feel like I was smart enough for it… I’ve been loving it!”


Renata May

Diploma | RN to prehospital healthcare

“I am a registered nurse and I worked in emergency [department] in the U.K. for quite a while […] My opinion — if you want to become a paramedic, start with Australian Paramedical College.”


Sarah Robertson

Diploma | Vet Nursing to Paramedicine

“I’ve been a vet nurse for 12 years. I’m doing the Diploma in the hopes that I might be able to start training first aid and then eventually become a paramedic. There’s a lot of flexibility […] you can put as much time into as you can.


Jamie Williams

Certificate IV | NRL Game Day Coordinator to NRL Medic

“I highly recommend studying with APC. The facilities are fantastic. The teachers and lectures are fantastic as well. They want to see you do well. They are here to help you. They’re very good, they know they’re  stuff.”


Nathan Seidel

Diploma | Working FIFO while studying

“I did attempt the Diploma previously [with another provider,] but found that course not to be as effective as the one offered at the Australian Paramedic College.”


Heather Woodberry

Diploma | Aiming for Dual Degree Nursing/Paramedicine

“I highly recommend doing this. If it’s just for around the house knowing to help your immediate family or you want to go into the mines, or Q.A.S [Queensland Ambulance Service] or private sector, then this is the place to start!”

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