15 Exciting Careers in the Healthcare Industry

Re-published 25th June, 2024

Are you looking for a new, secure and interesting job but need help figuring out where to start? A paramedicine, allied health, or nursing career may suit you! Or, instead, dentistry, optometry, or aged care? If we haven’t alluded enough already, there is a magnitude of careers in healthcare you can consider, so keep reading to check out some jobs in healthcare that could be right for you.

Consider where in the medical industry you want to work

First things first, where do your passions lay? To break this down even further, what environment do you want to walk into every day you come to work? 

The pre-hospital healthcare industry

Think paramedics, event medics, emergency medical technicians and more. When working in the pre-hospital healthcare industry you may respond to emergency and non-emergency patients and in various scenarios. You’ll be on the move constantly when working in this industry so quick thinking and sound clinical reasoning are needed.

The primary and allied healthcare industry

Primary and allied health contain literally hundreds of professions with thousands of opportunities. Work options are vast; from doctor’s surgeries, resources sectors, military operations and hospitals, plenty of opportunities are available to you both locally and internationally. 

Ultimately, a career in health could take you anywhere in the world, so let’s explore a few valuable and fulfilling roles you could pursue, outlining salaries and approximate salary ranges in Australia. 

Patient Transport Officer:

  • Qualifications: HLT31120 – Cert III in Non-Emergency Patient Transport
  • Similar position titles: 
    • Ambulance Transport Attendant
  • Duties: This career will see you transporting patients to a variety of settings, both to health facilities and homes. You’ll be responsible for accurate record keeping, taking observations, supporting other medical staff and many other exciting tasks.
  • Salary: $55,000 – $67,000*
    *Talent.com (2024)

Event Medic:

  • Qualifications: HLT51020 – Diploma of Emergency Health Care or HLT41120 – Certificate IV in Health Care 
  • Similar position titles: 
    • Emergency Medical Technician
    • Basic/Advanced Life-Support Medic
    • First Responder
    • Private Sector Medic
  • Duties: Medics are responsible for accurate record keeping, responding to emergencies, giving intramuscular and intravenous medications, airway management, and thorough knowledge of Clinical Practice Guidelines and Drug Therapy Protocols. They are often found at events such as music festivals, concerts, sporting events, shows and more. 
  • Salary: Averaging $127,000* (depending on job role)
    *Indeed (2024)

Medical Emergency Services Officer:

  • Qualifications: HLT51020 – Diploma of Emergency Health Care or HLT41120 – Certificate IV in Health Care and relevant mining qualifications.
  • Similar position titles: 
    • Emergency Services Officer
    • Mine Site Medic
    • Industrial Medic
    • Underground Medic
    • Mine Rescue Medic
    • Remote Medic
    • Offshore Medic
  • Duties:Medical Emergency Services Officers (MESOs)are responsible for the safety and operation of large industrial sites, including mining, construction, maritime, and more. MESO duties will vary depending on the site you work on, but generally speaking, they will include basic-to-advanced life support, drug and alcohol testing, mental health assessment and more. 
  • Salary: $110,000 – $140,000 (depending on job role)
    *Indeed (2024)

Ambulance Paramedic:

  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Paramedic Science (or similar) and registration with AHPRA.
  • Pathway:While a university degree is required, there are two pathways individuals can take to become a paramedic. The first is direct entry, and the second is VET entry, which means studying a course such as the HLT51020 – Diploma of Emergency Health Care before moving on to a university degree and potentially receiving credits towards your degree. Taking advantage of APC’s Diploma is an excellent choice if you’re the person who ‘learns by doing’. The course with APC includes two clinical workshops to help you hone your hands-on skills with paramedical equipment and patient care, as well as placements that will get you out into the field with the opportunity to use your skills in the real world on actual patients.
  • Career Opportunities: Once qualified as a paramedic, you have the option to gain employment as a State Ambulance Paramedic, a Private Sector Paramedic, Paramedic with the Australian Defence Force or similar.
  • Duties:As a paramedic, you’ll be responsible for assessing patient health and needing further medical assistance. You can expect to operate life-support equipment and administer drugs per your scope of practice whilst working alongside emergency services (Police Force, Search and Rescue, etc) to ensure the best possible patient outcomes.  
  • Salary: $97,500 – 137,400*
    *talent.com (2024)

Intensive Care And Extended Care Paramedics:

  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Paramedic Science, registration with AHPRA and post-graduate Certificate or Diploma of Advanced Paramedicine
  • Similar position titles: 
    • Intensive Care Paramedic
    • Extended Care Paramedic
  • Duties: Intensive and Extended Care Paramedics have advanced skills and education in acute and complex trauma and medical presentations in out-of-hospital practice. Providing clinical support to Paramedics and other pre-hospital providers, this level of Paramedic has a thorough understanding of critical and primary care.
  • Salary: More experienced and qualified Intensive Care Paramedics can earn up to $158,000* (based on ACT Ambulance Service)
    *ACT Government (2024)

Emergency Medical Dispatcher:

  • Qualifications: Certificate III in Ambulance Communications (call taking) and Certificate IV in Ambulance Communications (dispatch)
  • Similar position titles: 
    • Operations Centre Call Taker
    • Communications Officer
  • Duties:Working under the Communications Team Leader, this role will keep you on your toes. You’ll be tasked with responding to triple zero (000) calls, gathering essential information from distressed individuals and providing clear, concise instructions to callers over the phone. On-the-job training is provided, and system familiarisation is taught on how to remain calm and instruct them on how to save a life. As an Emergency Medical Dispatcher, you’ll need to dispatch appropriate resources from the front line to caller locations.
  • Salary: $71,000
    *Indeed (July 2024)

Enrolled Nurse:

  • Qualifications: Diploma of Nursing
  • Similar postion titles: 
    • Enrolled Nurse
    • Aged Care Nurse
    • GP Assistant
  • Duties: The career path as an Enrolled Nurse (EN) can see you in many settings, including aged care facilities, hospitals, private practice, and many others. This qualification prepares you for patient management and observation recording, entry into the health care system and a good foundation understanding of nursing practice. This qualification often grants entry into the Registered Nurse (RN) degree, a Bachelor of Nursing.
  • Salary: $63,800 – $94,100*
    talent.com (July 2024)

Registered Nurse:

  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Nursing and registration with AHPRA.
  • Similar position titles: 
    • Nurse
    • Paediatric Nurse
    • Emergency Department Nurse
    • Triage Nurse
  • Duties:As a Registered Nurse (RN), you’ll be working towards optimal outcomes for your patients, promoting best practices, working in multidisciplinary teams, triaging patients, and more. This job has a wide range of career opportunities and options, not to mention the chance to advance your career by becoming a paramedic. As RNs can work in remote and rural locations, this career pathway may also take you interstate and even internationally for those keen to see the world while doing something they love. Learn how to make the transition from nursing to paramedicine here
  • Salary: $85,000 – $95,000*
    *Seek (July 2024)


  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Medical Studies, Doctor of Medicine, post-degree residency, internship etc. 
  • Similar position titles:
    • General Practitioner
    • Emergency Medicine Registrar
    • Surgeon
    • Cardiologist
    • Anaesthetist
  • Duties:As a Doctor, you’re responsible for examining patients, reviewing and assessing their medical concerns, and prescribing treatment plans later. You’ll have the luxury of choosing where you work between surgical units, hospitals, aged care facilities and more. Being qualified at the highest level of medicine, you also can choose to work and live interstate or internationally, from locum contracts to wilderness medicine.
  • Salary: $135,000 – $155,000*
    Seek (July 2024)


  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Vision Science, Master of Optometry and registration with OBA
  • Similar position titles:
    • Optometrist
    • Optometrist Assistant
  • Duties: An Optometrist detects problems associated with eyes, whether defects in vision through defects, abnormalities or ocular diseases. Your role will be to examine patients, perform tests and provide patients with the best treatment options.
  • Average Salary: $100,000 – $120,000*
    *Seek (July 2024)


  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Dental Surgery and registration with DBA
  • Duties:Dentists are healthcare providers who perform oral health assessments, conduct clinical treatment, create treatment plans, administer and monitor local anesthetics and prescribe medications. Looking after oral health isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, though this could be the job for you!
  • Average Salary:  $195,000 – $215,000*
    *Seek (July 2024) 

Medical Research Scientist:

  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Medical Science
  • Similar position titles:
    • Clinical Project Co-Ordinator
    • Medical Science Liaison
  • Duties: Medical Research Scientists look into treatments and investigate medical conditions. This role requires a high level of focus, concentration, and analytical skills. The role will see you interpreting clinical trials, managing peer review publications, conducting health risk assessments and much more!
  • Average Salary: $85,000 – $105,000*
    Seek (July 2024)


  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine, internship and registration with AHPRA
  • Similar position titles:
    • Clinical Project Co-Ordinator
    • Medical Science Liaison
  • Duties:As a Psychiatrist, you will talk with patients about emotional andbehavioural problems and mental health. You will be assessing and diagnosing conditions and preventing and treating mental health. This role will see your expert opinion used, prescribing medication, and working closely with other health care professionals.
  • Average Salary: $305,000*
    *Seek (July 2024)

Occupational Therapist:

  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
  • Duties: This role will see you assessing injured workers to maintain, regain or improve conditions, visiting workplaces to understand high-risk manual tasks, running workshops, consulting with insurers and providing clinical opinions.
  • Average Salary: $90,000 – $100,000*
    *Seek (July 2024)


  • Qualifications: Doctor of Medicine, residency and RACS SET Training Program
  • Career Opportunities: All surgical classes
  • Duties:Consult and examine patients, operate in surgical theatres, and give post-operative care. Many options are available for this level of healthcare professional.
  • Average Salary: $394,000*
    *medrecruit (July 2024)

QLD APC students compelting CLinical Workshop 1.

Other interesting jobs in healthcare

There are literally hundreds of avenues to explore if you’re considering taking up a career in healthcare. The top 12 most in-demand healthcare roles right now according to indeed are:

  1. Dietician
  2. Nursing Assistant
  3. Massage Therapist
  4. Emergency Medical Technician
  5. Family Nurse Practitioner
  6. Dental Assistant 
  7. Audiologist
  8. MRI Technologist
  9. Physical Therapist
  10. Biomedical Engineer
  11. Pharmacist
  12. Anaesthetic Nurse

Indeed (July 2024)

Start your new healthcare career

As the largest employing and growing sector in Australia, you won’t be disappointed in a rewarding and fulfilling healthcare career. So, if you are seeking a change in your career, now is the time to do something about it!

Australian Paramedical College (APC) is the leading provider of emergency and non-emergency healthcare training across Australia, providing individuals the chance to pursue the pathway to gaining the career they have always wanted. Across our three core courses, you can become qualified for many of these roles or begin your journey to reaching the position. 

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