A Look at Paramedical Jobs


Paramedical Jobs

Paramedical jobs can be interesting, exciting and rewarding. Careers you may consider after earning a qualification or degree include ambulance officer, paramedic, ambulance transport attendant, event medic, industrial medic and advanced life support (ALS) paramedic.

You could end up working for you local state government or a private industry.

There are many options. Here, you will see the various paramedical jobs available and descriptions for each of these careers.

Ambulance Officer

The term ambulance officer was the original term for a Paramedic in Australia, although today the term ambulance officer is sometimes used to refer to people who hold HLT31120 – Certificate III in non-emergency client transport or HLT41120 – Certificate IV in Health Care. 

Training for non-emergency transport involves learning to drive the vehicle and learning to communicate and transport clients with various disabilities.

Students learn to communicate effectively in situations where language barriers are an issue. Certificate III paramedical jobs are typically with private ambulance or medical transport companies.


Paramedics provide emergency medical care. They have extensive first aid training and may also be referred to as first responders. Paramedics may work for state ambulance services, patient transport organisations or rescue squads. To be accepted into a State Ambulance Service, applicants who have completed a Bachelor in Paramedic Science are only eligible to apply.

Paramedic practice offers are a number of subcategories including critical care, community, industrial medic and advanced life support paramedic. The more advanced paramedical jobs typically require an advanced degree, such as the Bachelor of Paramedic Sciences degree.

On the job experience may also be required for certain specialties or subcategories.

Event Medic

Event medic is one of the paramedical jobs that appeals to many people because of the variety of locations and settings. Event medics often look after first-aid stations at sporting events, outdoor concerts, festivals or other large gatherings.

There are several companies that provide event medic services. These companies typically look for people with a HLT51020 – Diploma in Emergency Health Care or Bachelor qualified paramedics.

In addition to providing first aid for injured event-goers, the paramedical jobs involve being responsible for things like setting up the temporary first-aid station, travelling to the event and packing everything up when the event is over.

Regardless of the job description or the setting, paramedical jobs are usually quite rewarding. If you love helping people, this could be the right job for you.

Ambulance Transport Attendant

An ambulance transport attendant may drive the ambulance or assist the ambulance driver in transporting sick or injured patients. This paramedical job often entails assistance with lifting a patient.

Loading a stretcher onto an ambulance is a two-person job. Other responsibilities performed by the transport attendant include maintaining sanitary conditions in the ambulance, replacing ambulance supplies and sometimes administering first aid or assisting the paramedic.

What Paramedic jobs are available?

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What is your career journey?

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