Am I too old to become a paramedic or even a medic?

We often receive enquiries asking if “I am too old to study emergency healthcare,” or if there are age restrictions, or how old is too old for a career change?


So many people think that studying is limited to school-leavers and that once you pick a career, you are stuck with it, yet this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Rather than seeing age as a barrier, we see age as an additional talent or a skill.

In fact, many of our students are of a ‘mature age.’ With so much life experience under your belt, we are confident that you will be equipped with the emotional and physical capabilities needed to work in the exciting world of pre-hospital emergency health care.

Some of the common misconceptions that mature age students may have:

  • Being the oldest in the class: Once you have bonded with like-minded students who are working towards the same goal as you, age won’t matter. Plus, the online nature of our course acts as a great leveller, as you chat and  become involved in our online discussion forums you will find that age won’t affect your studies at all!
  • Not being able to cope with the technology: This is a common fear if you haven’t studied in a while, however we promise it won’t be an issue. As long as you can use a computer and are familiar with the internet (which we assume you are using to read this!), you will be fine!
  • Not having studied for a long time: We believe that becoming an emergency healthcare practitioner should not be exclusive. Regardless of your current educational background, if you have a passion for the health care industry we encourage you to apply. Once you start the training and get into a routine with your studies, you will feel comfortable and confident. If you have any problems we will be with you every step of the way and are only a phone call away.

APC Donella Faulks – Age is no Barrier

So, the answer to the question “Am I too old to study paramedicine” is NO! If you have the passion, there is nothing stopping you!

What is your career journey?

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