Become a Backpacker Medic: Provide Care To Those Who Need It Most

Become a Backpacker MedicAs a health care professional, you have the ability to provide medical care to those who need it most. That’s why organisations such as Backpacker Medic (BPM) are so important. This is an organisation that delivers mobile pre-hospital health care and community education to people in other countries who are less fortunate.

Do you want to use your experience to make a difference?

Backpacker Medic is a volunteer and donation-based project that provides paramedical services in the truest sense. They aim to provide:

  • Mobile and self-sufficient first aid and medical treatment for remote and rural communities.
  • Connection of remote and rural patients with the most appropriate health services, treatment, specialist care and knowledge base.
  • Community engagement and education promoting ‘best practice’ health ideals.
  • An ongoing platform for Paramedics to engage with the world of humanitarian healthcare and education.
  • Appropriate equipment and resources to support Paramedics working ‘in the field’.

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