Can I study to become a Paramedic if I have kids?

Beginning study when you have kids can seem like a daunting task. A task that seems almost impossible. But we promise it’s not. In fact, amongst all of the preconceived stress and anxiety there are actually many benefits.

We wanted to give you a list of pro’s and con’s to studying with kids, so you can make up your own mind. (We guarantee you’ll like the list of pro’s better!).


  • Career Advancement
  • Diversifying your skills
  • Setting an example for your kids
  • Leave the chaos behind when you schedule in your study time
  • After study you will have the satisfaction of both a successful career and family
  • The chance to hold a conversation with an adult, rather than talking baby all of the time


  • Time – Returning to study requires an investment of time and you will feel like you’re missing out on your child’s day (That’s the beauty of online study, there is ultimate flexibility – you can study anytime and anywhere)
  • Tired from juggling study and kids (We have a student support team that can help you get the balance right!)
  • Commitment – Returning to study as a parent can be a big adjustment, so make sure this is the right choice for you and ensure that you are ready to fully commit.

Studying as a parent is both rewarding and challenging. Whilst you might want to spend every waking moment with your mini-me, by taking time out and focussing on your self development every now and again you will feel an overwhelming sense of satisfaction.

If you decide to tackle the challenge, we suggest the following things:

  • Schedule in your study time: Do this when your kids are sleeping, when you’re watching them at soccer training or when someone can look after them so you won’t be distracted. This way you are getting quality work done.
  • Find the perfect life/study balance: We have a dedicated student support team who are here to help set realistic goals, assist with any questions or ensure you have the right work/life balance.
  • Don’t be afraid ask for help: To help with the above 2 points, don’t be afraid to help any friends/family for a hand. Don’t try and do it all on your own!

Live the life that is important to you, and if becoming a paramedic is important to you, then go for it!

What is your career journey?

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