HLT41120 – Certificate IV in Health Care – What Will I Learn?

What is the HLT41120 – Certificate IV in Health Care?

NOTE: This course was formerly know as HLT41012 – Certificate IV in Health Care (Ambulance) and has been updated in 2021 to HLT41120 – Certificate IV in Health Care.

HLT41120 – Certificate IV in Health Care provides students with the foundations and paramedical concepts to build a successful career as a emergency healthcare practioner.

Covering basic systems of life-support and other essential skills for effective pre-hospital care, HLT41120 – Certificate IV in Health Care is one of the most popular emergency healthcare courses.

Certificate IV in Health Care (HLT41120) Core Units

Composing of both an online learning component, onsite practical training and in many cases a clinical placement.

Comprised of 16 units of competency and 12 days of practical assessments and scenarios, this course is perfect for those who are looking for a pathway into the exciting career of paramedicine.

After completing the HLT41120, you will possess high-level clinical knowledge and possess skills of a Basic Life Support (BLS) medic.

This includes basic airway management, an introduction to 4 lead ECG monitoring and automatic defibrillation, intramuscular injections, oxygen therapies (including nebulised medications), BLS resuscitation, basic drug management and pharmacology.

You will also develop the required skills for primary and secondary patient assessments; and use clinical reasoning to develop treatment plans for ill and injured patients.

Some of the new skills you will acquire when taking part in the Certificate IV course are:

  • The procedures to follow for routine safe removal of a patient
  • How to deliver basic clinical care
  • Effective communication with clients and work colleagues to support health care
  • How to manage personal stress on the job
  • Promotion of public safety
  • How to confirm physical health status
  • How to communicate and work effectively in health care
  • Organisational efficiency in the health industry
  • Follow infection control policies and protocols in health work
  • Promote WHS processes
  • Manage effective workplace relationships
  • Perform specialised procedures necessary to overcome major obstacles to safe access and egress at the scene of an incident
  • The ability to communicate effectively in complex or difficult situations
  • Ways to assist in managing the scene of an emergency
  • How to transport non-emergency patients under operational conditions
  • Work effectively with culturally diverse patients and work colleagues
  • Follow and maintain protocols relating to legal and ethical requirements
  • Coordination of medical resources
  • Effectively apply first aid
  • Understand and properly apply medical terminology

As you can see, HLT41120 – Certificate IV in Health Care provides extensive training in paramedical concepts designed to give students comprehensive skills and confidence needed for pre-hospital emergency healthcare.

This course which is predominantly delivered online in a self-paced learning environment provides you with the essential training that emergency healthcare students require.

If you are considering a future career in paramedics, or you are simply interested in discovering whether this is the right career path for you, then the Certificate IV is the course you can start with.

What is your career journey?

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