Diploma of Paramedical Science

The Diploma of Paramedical Science has been discontinued by the Australian government.

If you are looking for a career in the emergency pre-hospital health care sector, the HLT51015 – Diploma of Paramedical Science qualification will provide the perfect stepping stone.  The bulk of the training is online, so you can learn at your own pace in a flexible study environment that suits your current lifestyle.

This means you can continue what you are doing and study towards gaining this qualification in your spare time. We offer full support and assistance to help you learn more effectively.

What does the Diploma of Paramedical Science involve?

At the Australian Paramedical College we will train you to be mentally and physically prepared for what lies ahead in the field of pre-hospital emergency health care. At the Diploma level, you will complete 17 units of competency (subjects). There are also Clinical Workshops to be  completed at either the QLD, NSW or VIC campuses. You will also need to complete 2 x 80 hour blocks of clinical placement in a medical support role.

As training progresses, your skills and clinical knowledge will quickly develop by way of the practical application of what you have learned. The medical techniques learned in this course are equivalent to that of an Advanced Life Support (ALS) Medic (Queensland classification).

As a diploma-qualified medic, you are authorised to deliver advanced drug therapy protocols (DTP’s), including: Adrenaline, Atropine, Frusemide, Metoclopramide, Morphine, Midazolam, Ondansetron.

You will also learn Clinical Protocols and Pharmacology, including advanced airway management, 12 lead ECG monitoring and manual defibrillation, IV cannulation and fluid resuscitation, chest decompression and more.

What jobs are available?

This qualification gives you access to emergency health care jobs in the flourishing private sector of paramedicine. From here you can create a successful and rewarding career in some of the following positions:

  • Medic in mining, offshore, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, sports and tourism industries
  • Onshore and Offshore oil & gas medic
  • Industrial medic in the power generation sector
  • Medic in the maritime industry
  • Remote area medic
  • Adventure and expedition medic
  • Emergency Response Officer at airports, transport organisations, merchant navy etc
  • Emergency Services Officer at public events, outdoor and indoor concerts
  • Search and rescue volunteer with SES and other non-profit organisations
  • Event medic at sporting events such as Commonwealth Games, rugby league, equine, football, NFL, NRL etc

More Information

The Australian Paramedical College is the largest pre-hospital emergency health care training provider in Australia. Feel free to read more about our updated course HLT51020 – Diploma of Emergency Health Care.

What is your career journey?

To discover how you can become a fully qualified Ambulance Paramedic or Basic/Advanced Life Support Medic, complete a personalised paramedical career development plan.