Fitness level Requirements for Paramedics

So you want to become a Paramedic, but you’re wondering if you are fit enough?

Being a medic is a physically demanding job, between carrying around heavy equipment, jumping in/out of an ambulance, walking up stairs and transferring patients, you are always on the go. Paramedics are required to uphold a certain level of fitness in order to be deemed suitable for the role.

Registered paramedics with State Ambulance Services are required to undertake a pre-employment fitness test, sometimes known as Physical Capacity Testing. This testing is completed prior to employment, but not often routinely tested each year.

Private medics may or may not be required to pass a fitness test, depending on which company their employment is with, however, they may be required to demonstrate their fitness level in some way.

Although it is a very physical job, the fitness level of paramedics isn’t as high as you might think. The fitness testing will test your cardio fitness, your strength and your flexibility. The fitness level of paramedics also requires testing for any previous injuries that may impede your ability to safely complete the demands of the job.

The fitness test may include:

  • Aerobic treadmill test
  • Double leg hold
  • Neck hold
  • Core strength test
  • Balancing test
  • Static Lift
  • Static Push
  • Static pull
  • Grip Strength
  • Push-Ups

The tests undertaken to determine the fitness level of paramedics will differ with every service but may include you carrying weighted manikins downstairs, carrying 13kgs worth of equipment up stairs, and other work-related activities.

The overall goal is to determine whether the medic has the ability to recover quickly from physical exertion and carry on with normal duties.

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