Handover has major implications for patient care

The handover process between ambulance and emergency department (ED) staff has been sparsely investigated.

Newer studies suggest that implementing a structured handover format holds the possibilities for improving the process.

Electronic equipment could play a part in reducing problems. Cultural and organizational factors impact the process in different ways.

The professions perceive the value and quality of information given differently. Giving and taking over responsibility is an important issue.

The handover of patients to the ED has the potential to be improved.

Cultural issues and a lack of professional recognition of handover importance need to be approached. Multidisciplinary training in combination with a structured tool may have a potential for changing the culture and improving handover”.

(S. Jensen, Lippert, & Østergaard, 2013)

This report shows the value of the structured format of IMIST AMBO and how it was developed in a consultative process.

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