Health Minister Welcomes 22 New QLD Paramedic Jobs

Ambulance stations around the state have been boosted by the placement of 22 New QLD paramedic jobs. Announced in January, the Health Minister for Queensland, Lawrence Springboard, welcomed the 22 Advanced Paramedics into the Queensland Ambulance Service.

State Government Invests in QLD Paramedic Jobs

Mr. Springboard hailed the occasion as further proof that… “The Newman Government is committed to delivering the best possible ambulance service focused on patient care”. The new QLD paramedic jobs are just another reason for the Queensland Ambulance Service to be regarded as a world leader in emergency paramedic care.

In addition to the new QLD paramedic jobs, the current liberal government has already delivered an additional 120 paramedics over and above attrition rates and invested $51 million this financial year to deliver 155 paramedic vehicles and 11 new and replacement ambulance stations.

This latest news from the Queensland Health Minister is encouraging news for all aspiring QLD paramedics. Jobs are becoming more and more available as the government continues to invest heavily into the Queensland Ambulance Service.

What is also heartening is that these advanced paramedics are among the worlds most trained and skilled professionals. Their crucial role to provide the best public health is finally getting the recognition that they deserve from the government.

For years now, those who work in the thousands of QLD paramedic jobs have been regarded by the public as Australia’s most trusted profession. Now paramedics all across Queensland and Australia can hold their heads high.

It’s true that paramedics are some of the most courageous, compassionate and clinically skilled medical professionals. What many people may not be aware is that you do not need to spend 7 years studying to be a doctor in order to become a paramedic.

Australian Paramedical College – Your Pathway to QLD Paramedic Jobs

One of the countries leading paramedic training colleges can get you on the right pathway to become a paramedic in just 6-12 months. The Australian Paramedical College has several paramedic courses to meet the growing needs of today’s tertiary students.

For example, there are hundreds of QLD paramedic jobs for those with a Certificate IV in Health Care Ambulance under their belt. This is a great way to get the paramedic experience and training you will need to advance your paramedic career. You might even decide to become an advanced paramedic with the Queensland Ambulance Service.

To discover which paramedic course is right for you, contact the Australian Paramedical College and speak to one of the paramedic course advisors today. There are plenty of QLD paramedic jobs out there with your name on it!

What is your career journey?

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