High Tech body cameras will protect Paramedics

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Whilst the news and figures surrounding harm against Paramedics in the last year has raised a few eybrows, employees working on the front line can rest easy knowing that Ambulance Services are doing everything they can to help protect their Paramedics from harm.

One initiative currently being trialed in Victoria are high tech body cameras which will help protect Paramedics whilst responding to life threatening emergencies.

Ambulance Victoria will deploy these cameras to high risk areas and evaluate their effectiveness in protecting  Paramedics and reducing the incidences of aggression.

This piece of cutting edge equipment will only record incidences where paramedics are in danger, rather than recording all emergency cases. 

Jill Hennessy, Minister for Ambulance Services, believes these cameras will help curb this violence and protect our paramedics.

“Threats, abuse and threatening situations against our dedicated paramedics is unacceptable. Sadly, more and more paramedics are confronted while they are doing their job saving lives,” she said.

“Paramedics care for us at our most vulnerable. They deserve respect and deserve to feel safe at work – that’s why we’re trialing high tech body cameras to put their safety first.”

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