How to Find a Remote Paramedic Job

Where to find a Remote Paramedic job

A remote paramedic job is both a rewarding and challenging career for paramedics who are wanting to expand their work experience or find new and exciting positions and environments to work in. Positions in this specialist field can range from working in wilderness areas assisting rangers and conservation experts to employment on off shore oil rigs.

There are a range of online courses that you can use to research this industry and find jobs. Work in this field can vary from permanent positions to on-call and many companies provide on the job training to further expand a paramedic’s education.

Paramedics wishing to pursue remote work in the medical field can use recruiting companies such as:

  • SEEK is the first choice for job seekers in Australia, with most big companies listing their vacancies on this website. You can also check out Indeed, Career One and JobSearch.
  • Medical Rescue offers employment in remote areas as well as in clinical settings, aeromedical teams and events. Applications can be submitted on their website.
  • Falck provides a comprehensive single source solution to large operational sites and construction projects.
  • Healthcare Australia is the leading healthcare recruitment solutions provider of nursing staff, aged care workers and medical specialists in Australia with operations in every state and territory.
  • Remote Medical International provide job placement and training for paramedics wishing to work in remote areas. For most job placement agencies, a paramedic will submit a general application for the company and then receive offers based on current positions that are available, as well as one’s own experience.
  • Aspen Medical is an Australian-owned, multi award-winning, global provider of guaranteed and innovative healthcare solutions across a diverse range of sectors and clients including Defence, Mining & Resources, Oil & Gas, Government and Humanitarian.
  • Remote Medic Recruitment helps support the international healthcare sector in recruiting the right person for the right role.
  • Plus many more!

Remote paramedic work can be a rewarding career with a multitude of benefits depending on the position. Educational advancement, challenging work, sense of achievement, higher pay and the ability to travel are just some of the positives involved in the field.

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