It’s Never Too Late – The Ultimate Guide For Mature Age Paramedic Students

It’s never to late to get back into studying!

In fact, last year the number of mature age students (25-64 year olds) in Australia had increased again on the previous yeas.

The way we see it, age is no barrier. As long as you have a passion for helping others; and you possess the drive to succeed, nothing can stand in your way.

Having life experience behind you may actually give you an advantage because the older we become, the richer our experience of life becomes. Factor in the latest projections from the government which predict immense growth in allied health and pre-hospital careers – there is now a unique opportunity to take advantage of this and create that career you’ve always dreamed of.

APC Diploma Student Nathan Seidel – Mining ESO

Here are some of the benefits of being a mature age paramedical student at APC:

  1. Feel inspired
    Aside from all of the obvious career and financial benefits, completing one of our courses will definitely give you a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment as well as leaving you motivated to succeed in the workplace and in life.
  2. Open new doors to a new career or advance your current career
    After completing one of our courses, you will be Certificate III, IV or Diploma qualified and be ready to take on jobs in the health care industry. You can start with Patient Transport, then move up to Emergency Medical Technician and Life Support Practitioner. In some cased you can also become a Paramedic Assistant. You will also have access to continue to up skill yourself by gaining credit points and continuing onto university, therefore building your skills and knowledge even further.
  3. Get back into the workforce
    If you’ve been away from the workforce for a while, gaining a qualification before jumping back in can give you the confidence boost and qualifications needed to make a real difference. Studying paramedics and joining the healthcare industry is more than just a job. It’s a lifestyle. And your home life will likely benefit.
  4. Flexibility of study gives you more control
    Being able to balance your existing lifestyle with extra study is one of those challenges of you will face. Blended learning in a non-competitive environment allows you to slowly transition back into studying. Not forgetting the wide array of support you receive along the way from trainers and educators, student success staff and of course your fellow students.

APC Donella Faulks – Age is no Barrier

Education has become a lifelong process where you must continually up skill in order to keep up with the unpredictability of the workplace. We are seeing huge social shifts in the way we work. Advances in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will change the way we work forever – so be ready to take advantage of this new era and prepare to future-proof your career. In the health care industry, regular up-skilling is a vital to ensure workers are kept up to date with new treatments, equipment and safety standards.

So, what are you waiting for?


About the Australian Paramedical College

The Australian Paramedical College is the largest private pre-hospital health care training provider in Australia, we can help you to achieve your paramedical training and career goals.

Our nationally recognised paramedical training programs provide a flexible and affordable training pathway to employment in the private sector, or as a stepping stone to university to study a Bachelor of Paramedic Science. APC offers you the opportunity to become a Paramedic/Medic, regardless of your educational background. We believe you should still pursue your goals even if your school or college grades have previously prevented you from following a career path you know you’d be good at.

Today, more than ever, when you apply yourself, anything is possible. With advances in online learning and teaching methodologies, it’s now easier than ever to fit study around your current lifestyle. A few of hours here and there each week is often all it takes to begin your studies. There’s no reason why you can not follow your dreams and become the person who saves lives and contributes to the well-being of their community.

What is your career journey?

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