Mental Health Scenario, Paramedical Clinical Workshops

Mental health scenario, paramedical clinical workshop 2.

Two of our students (and also brother and sister), Jake and Brooke, were about to undergo one of their HLT51015 – Diploma of Paramedical Science practice scenario’s at the clinical workshops, held at our Gold Coast training facility. They were only given the following information by their instructor.

“A woman had parked her car at the park and passers-by were concerned about her state of mind. The scenario task was to assess the situation and make sure the woman was safe.”

Mental health scenario training plays a big part in how our trainee medics prepare themselves for life in the community. Now more than ever, we see an increasing need to develop more skills in assisting the public cope with the pressures of life.

Jake was first to sign up to APC; and after seeing the course information, his sister Brooke then applied. They now work, study and attend clinical workshops together.

Jake’s advice to new and current students is;

“just stick with it, online seems quite hard to find motivation. But once you get to your workshop 1 and workshop 2, it is really rewarding to get that hands-on experience… just keep going with it.”

Now could be the best time to study online. With more opportunities than ever before, careers in health care are with the reach of everyone.

Let’s make it happen together!

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