More Advantages of Becoming a Paramedic

Earn and Learn: Getting Paid while Becoming a Paramedic

Probably one of the most understated aspects of becoming a paramedic, whether it be with an Ambulance Service or private firm, is the ability to advance your skills and career qualifications while earning a good salary.

In some instances you can become a paid trainee paramedic while studying for your Diploma of Emergency Health Care or Bachelor Degree in Paramedical Science. Imagine the peace of mind in knowing that once you complete your education and become a fully qualified paramedic you already have a secure job.

Career Diversity and Development

The scope of practice among paramedics is constantly increasing and that means you will always be learning new skills and enhanced emergency procedures. This can translate into new and exciting career opportunities, where you are destined to find the perfect position that’s right for you.

As you diversify and develop your skills as a paramedic, you will become an indispensable member of the organisation that you serve.  This could be working in the private sector on a mining tenement or out in the ocean on an oil tanker or drilling rig.

The investment that you make in your training and personal development will not only provide you with unmatched job security and open up many more career opportunities; it quite often translates into an increasing salary with fringe benefits. In so many ways, it sure pays to be paramedic.

Work Hard and Play Hard

If you have read this far you will have discovered that being a paramedic requires hard work. Paramedics are dedicated to their craft, knowing that individual lives depend on their skills and courage. But it’s not all blood, sweat and tears. Aside from the incredible sense of personal satisfaction associated with this life-saving profession, paramedics are often rewarded for their dedication with a great work schedule.

Many state ambulance services and public health providers operate on a shift roster. For most paramedics this can mean four days on, typically followed by four or five days off. There aren’t many careers that afford you the opportunity to have this kind of quality free time to spend with your family and friends.

The Australian Paramedical College: Your Pathway to Becoming a Paramedic

Are you are looking for a career that is a break from the ordinary? Do you have a desire to escape the mundane of a mediocre 9 to 5 job? Becoming a paramedic may just be the change you are looking for.

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