New advanced life support simulator will give APC students a kickstart

To further strengthen the training provided during practical assessments, the Australian Paramedical College has just obtained a revolutionary iPad-based advanced life support simulator. The iSimulate will give students access to real time simulated scenarios where trainers can monitor and alter the almost all clinical parameters as students work within a scenario.

The system works through two iPads, one being a control system and the other used within the multi-parameter monitor. Acting as a either an AED, defibrillator or sophisticated multi-parameter patient monitor the physiological parameters, arrhythmias and waveforms can be altered throughout each scenario so students can witness and deal with patient changes in realtime.

There are 50 different rhythms, including pacing, which respond to whatever rate the trainer dials in as well as instant CPR and PEA simulation, realistic trending of vitals over time and automatic non-invasive blood pressure measurement. With so many different features a situation can be turned into a high-fidelity scenario, giving students an authentic feel for what it is like to be a Paramedic.

Watch a video overview of the iSimulate ALSI here.

Special thanks to HealthySimulation – Medical Simulation Resources for the video

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