NSW Paramedics to Receive Increased Ambulance Coverage

NSW Paramedics to Receive Increased Ambulance Coverage.

NSW Paramedics to receive increased ambulance coverage after the announcement that there will be a 25% increase in ambulance coverage by mid July 2021, following a 3-year dispute over frequent ambulance shortages.

“Once implemented, this will be the most significant update to Paramedic crewing levels since 2010,” said Australian Paramedics Association (NSW) President, Chris Kastelan.

This landmark decision to invest in to the growing demands of pre-hospital health care means that Paramedics can meet the community’s demands without sacrificing the paramedic crew’s safety and wellbeing.

NSW Paramedics to receive increased ambulance coverage because NSW Ambulance have been so under-resourced that Paramedics have been forced to work overtime, skip scheduled meal breaks and even skip vaccine appointments.

This increase in resources for Paramedics, Ambulances, and the necessary equipment will be a welcome break for the fatigued paramedics.

The news is also welcomed by the community, who will receive better coverage across the state and less overall wait times.

To read more about the IRC recommendation sought by the Australian Paramedic Association, click here: Paramedics win increased ambulance coverage across NSW | Mirage News

The continued growth and investment into pre-hospital care is happening all over Australia, with all state governments acknowledging the need for more paramedics and improved access to out-of-hospital health care for the community. The boost in medic and paramedic jobs is great news for the many student paramedics, who are entering a growing job market backed by the state governments.

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