Paramedic NSW News – Record Lows for 2013 Road Toll

The figures are in for 2013 and it’s great news for paramedic NSW and other emergency professionals. Paramedic NSW can report that the road toll for 2013 was 339, the lowest on record since 1924.

The NSW police conducted “Operation Safe Arrival”, boosting their presence on the roads and performing a record 600,000 breath tests in a blitz to keep the roads safe during the Christmas/New Year period.

Drink driving, speeding, fatigue and distractions are the main killers on NSW roads. The current strategies that are in place aim to target the key offenders and are proving very successful. This is not only to the delight of the NSW police service, but a great news for the general public and other emergency services and first responders to road accidents.

Paramedic NSW Training – Key Factor to Drop in Deaths

The introduction and implementation of tough road laws can definitely take a lot of credit for the drop in deaths in NSW roads. However, there are a number of additional factors that have contributed to the significant drop of fatalities. One such factor is the advanced training and development of NSW paramedic officers.

When a paramedic rushes to the scene of an accident there are often split-second decisions that must be made to prevent the death or serous injury of a victim. Paramedic NSW training has greatly improved over the years enabling emergency service to access the latest technology and life support systems.

Paramedic training using simulations of critical circumstances and onsite learning radically improves their ability to respond quickly and effectively. Thanks to paramedic NSW officers the roads are a much safer place because of the heroic and professional actions.

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