Paramedic Pathway Courses: Alternative to Uni Part

It’s no secret that having a bachelor degree in paramedic science is no guarantee to getting your dream paramedic job. Many people have spent three years in a university classroom having spent tens of thousands of dollars on their paramedic courses, only to discover that this is not the career they really want.

Paramedic Pathway Courses: It’s all About Experience

For instance, take someone who has enrolled in the Certificate IV in Health Care with Australian Paramedical College (APC), and subsequently has free time to gain valuable paramedic experience with his or her local surf life saving club. The flexibility of the e-Learning component built into the APC paramedic pathway courses has meant that students are able to build up their paramedic resume all while discovering whether they are truly cut out for a paramedic career.

It is even true that many emergency health service jobs require as little as a HLT41120 – Certificate IV in Health Care. These paramedic jobs include Patient Transfer Officer or Emergency Medical Dispatcher. This proof plenty that there is more than just one way to progress up the paramedic clinical ladder than by spending excessive amounts of money on university paramedic courses.

As is the case with almost every state ambulance service, experience is critical. They simply don’t hire based on bachelor education alone. You need to prove that you have paramedic experience and can perform the many life-saving procedures that you were taught in the classroom.

“you will learn from some of Australia’s most experienced paramedic instructors”

The great thing about taking the paramedic pathway courses offered by Australian Paramedical College is that you will learn from some of Australia’s most experienced instructors (both paramedics and industry medics). There is also a members membership program that comprises of additional education material. The program also gives you access to talk with other students and staff around the world.

So far, you have learned that it is important to consider finances and experience when deciding on the paramedic courses that are available.

What is your career journey?

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