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In a recent article, the question was raised about whether or not a good score at the end of your schooling life is absolutely essential to pursue a well-rounded and fulfilling/financial career.

Being fresh out out school and stepping tentatively into the adult world can be challenging.

So what can school leavers expect if they find their ATAR or Op score has left them feeling flat? Is this the end of the world – or perhaps there are new and more creative ways to get into university via training in the health care sector?

School-leaver challenges

But first – let’s look at the challenges facing school leavers who did not do so well in the final years of their schooling.

Figures show that a quarter of young people are failing to complete year 12 or its equivalent, leaving thousands of students pondering their next move and stressing about what will happen to their lives because they missed out on a Uni spot. It’s also not uncommon for students who fall into this category to suffer anxiety and other mental health issues because they did not meet the standards – this time around.

So does the ATAR or OP really matter that much?

For university placements, the ATAR is apparently being used less and less by universities and what’s even more alarming is the ATAR is becoming less effective as a predictor of future success.

There is strong evidence pointing to the fact that those who do well in education can find it mentally challenging to join the ‘adult world’ after leaving the security of the schooling system.

It’s also disturbing to realise that only half of school leavers will go to uni, and of those who do go to uni, about 25 percent do not finish their bachelor degrees, for one reason or another. This is solely dependent on the situation of the student, their circumstances and their initial choice of subject.

With the pressures of family and the false belief that ‘you only get to live a happy life if you have a degree’, often a uni degree (no matter what subject) is the only solution.

Faced with the dilemma of not being accepted at University, what are the options to raise an ATAR or OP score?

Can Paramedic pathway training courses for school leavers provide an entry pathway into university?

University study has a huge appeal, yet for some, the realisation that they have failed to meet the criteria, shatters all dreams of a secure and successful future.

What is your career journey?

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