Paramedic Student Study Advice – Flip Your Study

Paramedic Student Study Advice – Flip Your Study

An interview with APC paramedic students who sahre their study advice 

Everyone studies in their own unique way. There’s no one-size-fits all. Whether you’re a visual learner, or like to listen to the information, the beauty of online learning is you get to choose the best way to study that suits your learning style.

This is especially so for mature students who have a long history of on-boarding information which helps them to live life on their terms.

Studying paramedical concepts is no different. Yes there may be more complex terminology and processes to familiarise yourself with – yet the opportunity to take existing information such as learner guides, video, podcasts, books (all available at the Australian Paramedical College) and design your own learning methodology is very appealing.

There are quicker and better ways for everyone to learn in a way that suits their style. Don’t be afraid to break protocol, take whatever learning materials you have and do what you have to do to make learning easy.

Take things apart, jumble them up, break up sections into smaller chunks until you grasp the concepts and it all makes sense.

At the college we encourage our students to be individuals as well as team players. We provide creative study environments, where students can adapt their study timetables to fit in with their lifestyle and other interests. We share our student’s vision for a rewarding career and provide the integral ingredients to get there.

Thinking of becoming a Paramedic, or working in prehospital emergency health care?


HLT51015 – Diploma of Paramedical Science

HLT41115 – Certificate IV in Health Care

HLT31115 – Certificate III in Non-emergency Patient Transport

Study pre-hospital emergency health care qualifications online with the aid of clinical workshops as well as online and phone support from trainers and educators. Enjoy the unlimited access to a student success team who are always ready to help and assist. Although these courses can be studied online; APC fosters a vibrant and passionate community that encourages students to engage and help one another.

Career Development Plane - Become a Paramedic - Diploma of Paramedical Science Clinical Workshop

What is your career journey?

To discover how you can become a fully qualified Ambulance Paramedic or Basic/Advanced Life Support Medic, complete a personalised paramedical career development plan.