Paramedical Training Clinical Workshop 1 – David

Clinical Workshop #1

APC student David. From truck driver in Victoria to Ambulance Attendant.

Certificate IV in Health Care + Diploma of Paramedical Science – HLT41115 & HLT51015 Clinical Workshop 1 – Gold Coast , QLD, Australia.

Certificate IV student David from Victoria tells us about his previous job as a truck driver, then completed his Patient Transport certification and decided a career in prehospital health care was for him.

Despite feeling nervous about the initial workshop, David already knew someone attending the training because he connected with them via the College’s facebook student forum.

David is looking forward to having new study-buddies to bounce ideas off as well as having the benefit of completing the practical aspects of the training – which he currently does not experience in his current job.

His goal at the moment is to be an Ambulance Attendant in the non-emergency side of the industry.

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