Paramedical Training Clinical Workshop 1 – Kirrily

Clinical Workshop #1

APC student Kirrily attends her first clinical workshop at the Miami campus on the Gold Coast.

Meet Kirrily who is attending her very first clinical workshop as she studies the HLT41115 – Certificate IV in Health Care with the Australian Paramedical College.

The 7 day, hands-on workshop is the place where students studying paramedical training theory and get to test their knowledge by taking part in a range of practical scenarios and workshops with other students.

They learn about team building, cooperation in the workplace, as well as a wide range of realistic medical emergency scenarios administering drugs and being responsible for airway management, CPR and life-support. Anything can (and does) happen – it’s the perfect opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the unpredictable world of emergency patient care.

Kirrily is from the Gold Coast Queensland. She has almost finished her training and despite feeling a little nervous about the workshops she is confident all of the effort she put into learning the theory will come together. Just the very fact she is now with other classmates and students has given her the confidence to succeed.

The biggest opportunity for students attending clinical workshops is to bring everything together and to apply the theory when faced with real-life scenarios.

Kirrily’s personal reasons for completing the course are typical of most people who wish to become part of the emergency health care workforce – they just want to help people and are looking for a career with excitement and challenges along the way.

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