A Paramedic’s Work-Life Balance

Jamie Hibbert

LARU Officer Paramedic and Father of Four

Jamie Hibbert, A LARU officer Paramedic and Father of four, discusses in the video above how he balances his career and family life. Jamie absolutely loves his job but first and foremost he is a father. His family and children always take his priority but he has managed to excel at both important roles in his life.

Work-life balance can be difficult when you genuinely love what you do because you get drawn into the overtime shifts and additional work.

One strategy Jamie uses to help his children see the benefits of his hard work, is to associate it directly to their childhood adventures. For example, if they are planning a family holiday together, he will say “my shift today earned our accommodation”. This helps his children understand that the work he does is to benefit them and their family.

Achieving work-life balance as a paramedic is a continuous “tug-of-war” between patients who need you and a family who needs you. Jamie recommends to really use your days off wisely by being very present and enjoying the quality time with your family.

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